Unit 44 (Season 2)

Unit 44 was promoted to an ongoing series at Alterna Comics! The sci-fi/comedy returned in 2022 with 4 new issues, along with a new art team and new format! From issue 5 on, each issue sees the bumbling Area 51 agents undertaking a brand new case file as they explore the supernatural and bizarre!


The Blood Moon Cult has moved into town and its ranks are quickly filling up, forcing inept Area 51 Agents Gibson and Hatch to infiltrate the group to uncover the group’s secret plans.


Bumbling Area 51 agents Gibson and Hatch accidentally activate a dangerous, top-secret device that sends them hurtling through the multiverse. Now, if they hope to see home again, they’ll have to survive a torrent of hazardous new worlds—and each other.


Incompetent Area 51 agents Gibson and Hatch arrive in Point Pleasant, West Virginia to investigate a sighting of the famed Mothman. But while Agent Hatch is quick to brush off the case as a hoax, a close encounter with the cryptid changes his tune, forcing the pair to solve the mystery once and for all. Featuring special guest artist Landon Franklin!

Publisher: Alterna Comics
Release dates: July 2022 (#5), September 2022 (#6)
Genre: Science fiction, Comedy
Format: Ongoing series
Team: Art by Aleksandar Jovic and Ed Jimenez, colors by Andrew Pate
Digital Downloads
Print Issues


Unit 44 Writer Wes Locher interviews Wes Locher about Unit 44 #6:

Writer Wes Locher and artist Aleksandar Jovic discuss the return of Unit 44:

Wes visits Word Slingers to talk about Unit 44:

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