Tales: Fiction You Play

Publisher: FableLabs
Platform: Mobile (iOS)
Role: Writer
Release date: September 2017
Genre: Drama, Comedy, Romance, Suspense, Thriller, Science Fiction
Format: Standalone interactive stories and visual novels
More info: FableLabs.com

I was hired to write eighteen interactive, choice-driven stories for the free mobile storytelling app Tales – Fiction You Play. Genre content included drama, comedy, romance, suspense, thriller, science-fiction and more, with each story utilizing player choice and branching dialogue to create unique experiences with each play through.

Interactive Fiction:

  • Reality Sucks (Comedy)
  • The Last Job (Thriller)
  • Saving Grace (Action/Adventure)
  • Deadly Game (Horror/Thriller)
  • The Final Two (Suspense)
  • Wilting Rose (Horror)
  • Northstar (Adventure/Sci-Fi)
  • Babysitting is Hell (Comedy/Horror)
  • Hit Single (Romance)
  • Heartquake (Romance)
  • Breakout (Adventure/Sci-Fi)
  • Calista (Thriller/Sci-Fi)
  • Contact (Adventure/Sci-Fi)
  • Three Course Kill (Suspense/Thriller)
  • Worlds Apart (Romance)

Linear Fiction:

  • Monster Problems (Comedy)

Visual Novels:

  • Trigger Man (Thriller/Comedy)
  • Acting Detective (Mystery/Comedy)

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