Serious Weirdness



When members of Hazy Vale High School’s new book club start acting strange, a scrappy theater student and her friends set out to investigate… before it’s too late.

Publisher: FableLabs
Platform: Mobile (iOS)
Role: Writer
Release date: March 2018
Genre: Drama, Comedy, Suspense, Science Fiction
Format: Interactive visual novel game
More info:

I served as lead writer for the 15-chapter serialized interactive fiction game “Serious Weirdness,” released by FableLabs for the iOS app, Tales – Fiction You Play. “Serious Weirdness” was the first non-staff written multi-episode story released on the app.

Story utilized player choice, persistent variables, and cartoon art to create fun, unique, and engaging experience for players. Game included premium/paid content, social sharing capabilities, and personalized chapter results to encourage multiple play throughs.

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