The Undoubtables

Career thief Spencer “Spade” Shelton, finds himself back in New York City one year after escaping prison. When the latest heist he’s planned goes wrong, the NYPD is hot on his trail and his mobster victims come after Spade and his crew for both their money and their vengeance!

Publisher: Markosia Enterprises
Release date: July 2014
Genre: Action, Heist
Format: 96-page graphic novel
Team: Art by Emre Ozdamarlar / Colors by Kefas Armando
Print: |
Digital: ComiXology | Kindle | DriveThruComics

“If you’re looking for a fast-paced, intriguing crime comic, than look no further than The Undoubtables. Wes Locher keeps the pedal buried and doesn’t let up until you flip that last page.” review

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