It’s hard enough being a college student, so when Lux Hart returns home for summer break to find her parents missing, stress is at an all-time high. Lux discovers her parents were part of a secret government organization called The Redaction Commission, tasked with exploring bizarre and fantastic cases. With her mom and dad in trouble, Lux must accept a set of strange powers if she hopes to bring them home safely.

Publisher: Based on the Play
Platform: PC (Steam Download) / Coming to PS4/Xbox One in 2019
Role: Lead Narrative Writer
Release date: August 2018 (Steam Early Access)
Genre: Action, comedy
Format: Open world action RPG
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I served as the lead writer for Re*Sequenced, retrofitting an overarching story into 11 pre-existing levels of action/RPG gameplay.

I was responsible for creating all necessary characters, writing all dialogue for voiceover actors, designing each level’s main quests, items, descriptions, and in-game lore documents, as well as the project’s comprehensive story bible.

What people are saying:

“If you like the X-files, ridiculous puns and humor, and dressing up ladies, then this is the game for you. The writing is really good, too. I actually take the time to read the notes, pay attention to the NPCs, and genuinely enjoy the banter between Lux and RHETT. It’s smart writing, but doesn’t take itself too seriously either… – Jingleriot, Steam User

“Interesting action game with very well made open-world. Game has cool story and a lot of action.” – AlcoGamers, Steam Curator

“During your journey to find your parents, you’ll experience great combat scenes and also a great story.” – Z-Nations Deli, Steam Curator

“Its story and interactions are a trip…” – Abyssal Ascent, Steam Curator

“In terms of the script, there is quite a bit of humor and references to other games…” – Robocram, Steam Reviewer

“The plot Is very strong and some of the locations are gorgeous.” – RemoteLeg, Steam Reviewer

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