Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Blood in the Water

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The Team

Wes Locher has written comics for numerous independent publishers including Unit 44 for Alterna Comics (2015), Hipsters Vs. Rednecks and The Temporal for Primary Target Press (2015), Adrift for Titan Comics (2015), The Undoubtables for Markosia Enterprises (2014), Chambers for Arcana Studio (2013) and has contributed to more anthologies than he can count. Follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

Ed! Jimenez is a comic artist and digital illustrator living in Costa Rica. His art most recently appeared in the 4-issue miniseries Unit 44 for Alterna Comics (2015). Follow him on Twitter, Facebook or support him on Patreon.

Kóte Carvajal lives in Santiago City, Chile where since 2008, he has worked as colorist for indie projects and larger publishing houses such as IDW, Alterna Comics and Beyond Reality Media. In order to extend his work in comics industry, Kóte began writing in 2014 and two of his projects will be published in Chile during 2016. Follow him on Twitter, Facebook and learn more at kotecarvajal.com.

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