The Wall Update #5

Last year I wrote a 5 page comic story called THE WALL. This story was later brought to life by artist Tun Myo Hlaing. Upon completion, I submitted the work to several publishers for consideration in upcoming anthologies, but had no takers.

Since I’m still very proud of the finished product, I decided to post it online for your reading pleasure. Click here or on the image to check it out. Your thoughts and feedback are welcome!

Be sure to surf over to Tun’s website and the rest of his great art. I hope to work with him again in the future!

The Wall Update #4

After several weeks of hard work, my comic short story, THE WALL, has been completed and was submitted for the 215 Ink Anthology collection due out in 2012.

More on this as it develops, but again, big thanks to talented Canadian artist, Tun Myo Hlaing, for helping me realize this fun story.

Wish us luck!

The Wall Update #3

Amazing artist Tun Myo Hlaing has finished his 5 pages of art for THE WALL, and they look absolutely fantastic!

He was able to fully capture the fun, imaginative, and innocent vibe that I was looking for. These pages are currently being lettered and upon completion will be submitted for consideration in the 215 INK anthology due out in 2012. Keep those fingers crossed!

The Wall Update #2

It’s always a blast waking up and having comic pages in your email! Since my comic short story, THE WALL, was written specifically for submission to an anthology, you may not get to read it for a while (depending on acceptance or not) but I thought it’d be fun to throw up a rough version of the first page!

I hope you dig the style as much as I do!

Art by Tun Myo Hlaing.

The Wall Update

I’ve recently teamed up with a great artist by the name of Tun Myo Hlaing to collaborate on a short comic story that I wrote called THE WALL that I’ll be submitting for consideration in an upcoming anthology. Check out some of his work below (though this isn’t from the comic we’re collaborating on) and get even more familiar with him by visiting his website.