I recently sat down with John Helmer from to talk about my short story, London Shadow, that was published in MegaBook volume 1 from CE Publishing.

Check out the interview here!

As a writer, “three page story,” is about the scariest thing you can hear from an artist.


As mentioned in January, I worked with talented artist, Allen Byrns, on a 3 page submission called LONDON SHADOW for an anthology. I’m happy to report that the MEGABOOK anthology (it’s 211 pages!!) is now complete and can be downloaded for FREE on Graphicly.

Take a moment (or an afternoon) to check it out and I welcome your thoughts and feedback. London Shadow stands alongside some great stories from some amazing writers and artists and we’re happy to have been part of the project!

Click the cover to download and be sure to check out more great titles from CE Publishing!

London Shadow update #2

Some fun news —

Right before Christmas as I was going through my email list and wishing a happy holidays to all of my collaborators, super awesome talented person/artist Allen Byrns shot me an email to tell me about the MEGA BOOK anthology that was being put together by indie company CE Publishing to be distributed for FREE through digital comics pioneers Graphicly. He mentioned that he had a lot on his plate, but if I could write a quick 3 page story, then he’d do his best to complete it before the deadline (which was fewer than 20 days away).

I was excited about the opportunity, yet extremely stressed out at the idea of writing a 3 page comic. As you can imagine, it doesn’t leave you a whole lot of room to play with a big idea. You essentially get a beginning, middle, and an end. After I finished stressing out, I saw this as a great writing opportunity for myself. It’d force me to write concisely, trim a lot of fat, condense a 3 Act structure significantly, and test my storytelling abilities. Once I finally had the courage to put pen to paper (i.e. fingers to keyboard) I pumped out not one, but TWO 3 page stories! I sent the scripts over to Allen figuring he could choose the one he wanted to draw (if either one was good enough) and as luck would have it, I wrote something that was right up his alley from an artistic standpoint.

About ten days later we had the finished product — pages complete, colors done, and lettering tag-teamed by both of us — and we submitted the short story for the Mega Book with about 3 days remaining until the deadline. The project was quickly accepted and is currently being converted to digital reader format so you’ll be able to download it not only on your computer, but to mobile devices as well through the Graphicly App.

A big high-five goes out to Allen for his quick and awesome work, and though the story is short, I look forward to hearing what you think once you’ve had a chance to check it out. As soon as the book is available for free download, I’ll be sure to give everyone a heads up!

London Shadow Update #1

I wrote a 3 page short story called LONDON SHADOW which is currently being drawn by the amazing Allen Byrns. When complete it will be submitted for an anthology. In the meantime, here’s a quick peek!