Unit 44 Collected Edition hits ComiXology!

Since the first issue of Unit 44 went into the hands of Kickstarter backers in 2014 the comic book, co-created with series artist Eduardo Jimenez, has been an absolute joyride and I’m thrilled to announce that the 100-page collected edition will hit ComiXology on Wednesday, Sept. 9 from Alterna Comics!

For anyone who didn’t read all four of our sci-fi/comedy issues as they were released in digital and print editions, this just might be the most fun you can have with a comic in the next week.

Unit44_CollectedEdition_Cover_MidIn addition to all 88-pages of the story we’re bringing in a new cover (see image at left… or wherever it ended up on the page), a bunch of pin-ups contributed by some of my amazingly talented friends and two installments of the Conspirator’s Gazette, where I write essays about… well… about whatever I felt like talking about any given time. In the case of the collected edition, one essay is about the genesis of the series and my love for all things Area 51 and the other is about why you shouldn’t be a hipster. It’s about other stuff, too, but mostly it begs people not be hipsters. Seriously. Stop that already.

I think the price point for the collected edition will drop to around $6 making it cheaper to grab volume 1 rather than the individual issues. See? How much easier can we make it to read this thing?

So, if you’re into Area 51, Aliens, government conspiracies, secrets, rednecks or laughing, then Unit 44 has you covered. If you’re tired of convoluted continuities and superheroes who never change, then this series is going to be a breath of fresh air for you.

Seriously, if you’ve resisted reading the series up til now, it’s totally time to give in. Don’t deprive yourself of these laughs. Please, think of the children.

Don’t want to wait? The issues are currently available at ComiXology!

If you did read the series and you received some joy from the experience, do me a huge favor and share the news on social media. Your friends will listen to you and buy what you like. Trust me, you can sell it to them better than I can. I’m just some dude who desperately needs a haircut.

And if you did read the series, then thank you. You rock. It means the world to Ed and I.

Interview: Thinking Outside the Longbox Podcast

A few weeks ago I sat down with Gabe Llanas, one of the hosts of the Thinking Outside the Long Box Podcast and we spent an evening chatting comics, Star Wars, Kickstarter and other miscellanea.

Specifically, I was on the show to promote my sci-fi/comedy comic book Unit 44!

Gabe gave me the chance to explain how the project came together, the inspiration behind the narrative and the process of funding the book through Kickstarter before landing at Alterna Comics.

I appreciate Gabe and his co-hosts having me on the show and for all the great questions he asked. Hopefully you have as much fun listening to it as I did recording it.

The Thinking Outside the Longbox Podcast is available on iTunes and Stitcher Radio. You can listen to the podcast online here: http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/thinking-outside-the-long-box/e/totlb-020-ccbe-special-39831178

Note: Each of TOTLB’s shows runs roughly three hours, and while there is much hilarity to be found, those who want to get in, listen to me yammer and get out, can jump forward to the 2 hour, 15 minute mark where my interview segment begins.

Support the show!

If you like what you hear, check out the show archives and tell a friend about it!

Unit 44 physical issues up for pre-order!

Word rolled in that the single issues of Unit 44 #1-4 have been shipped from the printer and are en route to my door!

If you’ve grabbed past issues at conventions/signings or if you’ve just had an interest in my silly comic about Area 51, government conspiracies, aliens and rednecks, head on over to my webstore where you can grab the issues for just $4 each or the whole 4-issue mini series for $15!

Get a preview of each issue by clicking over to www.unit44comic.com.

The books are scheduled to arrive later this week and as orders come in I’ll be dropping them in the mail and getting them to your doorstep. Each comic will be signed by me and I’ll even toss in a few other goodies!

Consider supporting me, artist Eduardo Jimenez and publisher Alterna Comics by grabbing the issues while they’re available.

If you are an early adopter of new technologies and don’t mind reading your comics digitally, you can save a little bit of scratch and get each issue for just $1.99 on ComiXology!

I’ll also have remaining copies of the entire series at the Panama City Creative Con (in Panama City, FL) on Saturday, Aug. 1.

While you’re at my webstore, consider checking out/picking up my other comic offerings including The Temporal (sci-fi one-shot), The Undoubtables (heist graphic novel) or Chambers (crime-fiction graphic novel). All proceeds go directly to keeping my self esteem in working order.



Unit 44 print issues coming soon!

For those of you who have messaged me about grabbing single issues of Unit 44 in print format, the wait is almost over!

A huge thanks to everyone who already picked up issue #1, issue #2 (or both, ideally) over the past year at various conventions, signings, etc. For those readers who many not be ready to embrace digital comics through ComiXology (along with other platforms) and prefer to do their reading in the physical form (aka in the bathroom) I’m excited to get the books into your hands soon enough!

The order went to the printer late last week and as soon as I receive shipping confirmation I will go into the Ye Olde Web Store and switch all the issues (plus the Unit 44 bundle where you can snag all 4 issues for one price) will go into pre-order mode!

Any copies I have left over from what I anticipate to be a Jingle all the Way-esque rush will be available at the Panama City CreativeCon (in Panama City, FL) on Saturday, Aug. 1!

Oh, by the way… tickets are now on sale for that shindig, so if you’re planning to go, get ’em while you can! Come say hi and meet some talented creative minds from around Northwest Florida.

Interview: Alterna Podcast

For those of you who were clamoring to hear another podcast interview with me, I was recently a guest on the Alterna Podcast with host Tim Browning!

As the official podcast of Alterna Comics, who published my irreverent sci-fi comedy series Unit 44, together Tim and I dug in on the genesis of the project, how I linked up with the talented Eduardo Jimenez (who provided art, colors, talent, moral support, laughs, etc.) and some of the classic comic tales from my personal library that helped to inspired the story.

I think it was a pretty darn good interview, myself. Even my pal Doug said it was one of the most coherent interviews I’ve ever given, so you know it has to be good.

You can download the podcast on iTunes/Stitcher under the Casual Heroes radio show, or keep it simple and listen online here: http://alternapodcast.com/2015/06/24/unit-44/

It’s guaranteed to keep you entertained for at least 40 minutes!

I really appreciate Tim for not only reading the series and sharing his honest feedback, but giving me the platform to reach a wider audience.

Once you’ve given it a listen, surf over to ComiXology and pick up issues #1-4 of Unit 44!