Monster Day update #3

That’s a wrap on my short, MONSTER DAY, with art by Randy Z. Ochoa and some slick new colors from Jeremy Treece!

The all ages short, which will appear in early 2015 in GrayHaven Comics’ LIL KAIJU anthology, has been approved and begins its process from our screens to print.

Based on the preview art that I’ve seen for this edition, it’s shaping up to be an amazingly awesome volume, spearheaded by Editor-in-Chief Erica J. Heflin. She’s brought on some amazing talent and I hope that any of you comic book readers with kids will consider picking it up for them. I’m proud of the short we contributing and I’m impressed with the creative team for both their timeliness and professionalism. It was my first time working with Randy and Jeremy, and I can’t wait to do so again.

For those writers or artists looking to get some work published, I can’t say enough good things about working with GrayHaven. Artists — send them your portfolios and consider doing a few free shorts for one of their anthologies. Writers — send their pitches their open submission periods (coming again in September). If you truly want to make comics, then even tackling a 3-5 page short will help you understand and respect what goes into the craft. You’ll work with supportive and amazing people and you’ll treasure the print versions you ultimately get to hold in your hands.

Until the LIL KAIJU volume debuts, here’s a final sneak peek at the panel I teased last update…but in color!



Monster Day update #2

Previously, I teased some of artwork from Randy Z. Ochoa on our 4-page short, MONSTER DAY, for release next year in GrayHaven Comics’ LIL KAIJU anthology.

Though Randy has completed his art for the short and I was able to letter them up, we recently received some great news from the publisher. Due to recent success on a GrayHaven Kickstarter campaign, word came down from on high that this particular issue will be printed in color, so we’re super excited to bring our all-ages adventure to life with a new dimension of flair.

Color wunderkind Jeremy Treece will be lending his talents to the art and we look to have everything submitted by the end of September. Based on some other preview art I’ve seen from this anthology, it’s going to be a ton of fun, and something I would buy even if I wasn’t directly involved. Keep an eye out for it!

Take a sneak peek at a panel from the (currently) black and white short below, and know that next time you see it, it’ll be presented in technicolor!


We’ve also gotten a sneak peek at the work in progress cover for the anthology with art by Donal DeLay.

Monster Day update #1

I’m excited to announce yet another upcoming project slotted for release in 2015.

The fine folks over at GrayHaven Comics have been good to me. In 2012, I first contributed a 5-pager to the crime edition of THE GATHERING anthology series and since then, I’ve had shorts published in their sci-fi 2, spies, and public domain editions. Additionally, I’ll have a short published later this year in their Survival-themed book and in 2015 I’ll be contributing to their Noir and Terrible Jobs editions.

There’s another book being released next year that I had the opportunity to pitch on that I’m really excited about. The publisher will  release a collection of all-ages stories about Kaiju monsters, appropriately titled, Lil Kaiju. I mean seriously…how cool is that?

Thinking back on my own youth, I really wanted the opportunity to write something for a younger audience and thanks to the grace of editor Erica Heflin (writer of such fine books as Mother and Son from GrayHaven and Wonderland from Zenescope), I was recruited to try my hand. For this 4-page short I teamed up with Randy Z. Ochoa who is doing a phenomenal job bringing the script to life.

You’ve heard of snow days and hurricane days, but what happens when your school announces a monster day?

We’ll be showing you soon!