In The Drink Update #3

My upcoming survival short, IN THE DRINK is barreling toward completion with the ever-talented Robyn Seale steering the ship through the inking process.

You see there? I can make water references with the best of them.

What’s interesting about this three-page comic is that it’s completely silent. No words. No captions. No dialogue. It relied completely on Robyn to tell the story visually while conveying the proper emotions and tension levels.

She nailed it.

One thing that I look for in artistic collaborators is a strong storytelling ability and while discussing this project with Robyn, I snuck onto her website and read every single installment of her webcomic, The Watcher of Yaathagggu. Her work there proved that she was the right artist for the job. From there, it was a simple process of begging her to lend her talents to my underwater tale.

Upon completion, this comic will go into the hopper and be released in April of 2014 in the Survival Anthology from GrayHaven Comics. I really hope that we have flying cars by then.

To whet your appetite, here’s a look at a silent-riffic panel from our upcoming story.


In The Drink Update #2

After receiving some thumbnail sketches last week for my upcoming short, IN THE DRINK, I received a a quick turnaround on the finished blue-line pencils.

There’s something exciting about working with an artist for the first time. As a writer, you’re not one hundred percent sure exactly what you’re going to get. Sometimes you’re worried that your script might not truly convey your story, or the artist won’t interpret it correctly. Other times you know it’s going to be awesome. I was absolutely thrilled to receive the files from artist Robyn Seale. She pulled the images right out of my brain. She absolutely hit the nail on the head.

Her style is different than any artist I’ve worked with before, but that’s half the fun! It’s great to see get art from the artist and realize that in your mind, you can’t imagine anyone else drawing it. I’m happy to have had a chance to collaborate with her!

This 3-page short will be published by GrayHaven Comics in their Survival anthology due out in April, 2014.

This was a good weekend for some comic-making goodness. Maybe there was something in the water.


Lots more news to share over the course of the week.

I love the vibe I get from this panel. I think it sums our story quite nicely.


In The Drink Update #1

Hot off the heels of my new project announcements, I’m already seeing art for both of them.

SketchesIt’s wonderful when people are energized about a project and eager to work on them. Whether this is because of the script, the subject matter or the story itself, it’s always an absolute joy to collaborate with people who are equally as driven and motivated.

Robyn Seale is no exception and she already dropped some fantastic character sketches in my inbox for our 3-page comic, IN THE DRINK that will be released in 2014 (I know, right?) via the Survival Anthology from GrayHaven Comics.

I love being ahead of deadline!

Enjoy a quick look and stay tuned for more snippets and sneak peeks of my upcoming funny books!

In the Works…

It’s an exciting time as with each passing month I have comics that come closer to completion and books that get closer to release. Once the ball gets rolling I hope for it only to pick up speed and not slow down!

With 2013 seeing the release of my long form comics Chambers, New Life, The Undoubtables, The Temporal and my short comics Timeless, Compromised, and You May Already Be a Winner, I’m constantly thinking about the “what’s next?” part.

Thankfully, I now have lined up two projects that will be released in early 2014. Though small, they’re two stories that I’m incredibly proud of and can’t wait to see as they continue down the development road.

The first project, The Pick, is a 4-page short that will be illustrated by collaborator extraordinaire, Kristian Rossi, and will be released in GrayHaven ComicsPublic Domain anthology. Hmm… public domain. Interested?

The second project, also being released by GrayHaven is a 3-page short entitled In The Drink, that will be published in their upcoming Survival anthology and I’ll be working with the talented Robyn Seale for the first time.

Even though these are a mere 7 pages worth of comics, both artists are severely talented and I feel that these shorts are some of the best work I’ve done to date. Both scripts have been approved by the ever-talented GrayHaven staff and we’re ready to roll!

I’m excited to keep you posted as they continue on toward completion, though you may not see the final pieces for close to a year. Comics is all about the hurry up and wait, but it’s a wait that will be well worth it.