Timeless Update #2

In addition to the main projects I have in the works, behind the scenes, things are still progressing on the anthology submissions that I had accepted for several GrayHaven Comics books that will be coming out over the course of 2013.

My story for the Sci-Fi 2 edition, TIMELESS, is making strides and earlier this week artist Michael Nigro sent me the finished pencils for page 2. Michael has a great kinetic style and though the story is only three pages long, I know it wasn’t the easiest script to draw as there’s a lot of research involved as far as locations go. He’s been doing a great job and with each panel and page I see, it gets me that much more excited for this to see print.

For this short story, I stuck to four to five panels on a page and it’s given Michael a lot of room to be artistic and the level of detail in his work is just phenomenal.

While this story is still in progress, I wanted to share another snippet with you. Have a look at our main character, Davis, who really isn’t having the greatest of days.

Timeless Update #1

In addition to the two mini-series I have coming out in 2013, I also wanted to take a moment to spotlight some of the artists that I’m working with on my short stories.

The fine folks over at GrayHaven Comics release a monthly black and white anthology called THE GATHERING. Each book is set to a theme and spotlights multiple stories by different teams. Pages range from 1-6 per story. Every few months they have open submissions and a list of themes and hungry writers pitch their best story ideas for consideration for publication. I’m happy to report that I’ve had three short stories accepted into three different anthologies!

You’ll find stories I’ve written in their Crime, Sci-Fi 2, and I, Spy themed collections, all due out throughout the course of 2013.

I wanted to highlight artist Michael Nigro, who will be illustrating my three-page story for the Sci-Fi 2 anthology. The piece is entitled TIMELESS, and features a character who walks us through the sensitive details of his day job as a Temporal Explorer. (You know how I love time travel!)

Check out some of his pencil work and get excited!