Adrift update #3

Let’s hop in the time machine for a moment and go back to July of this year.

I made a few posts on this site about a competition I had entered…a little thing called the Titan Comics Undiscovered Talent Competition (cue loud, boomy music) where UK publisher Titan Comics was accepting original submissions in an effort to give exposure to fresh blood in the comic book industry.

To enter the contest, artist/writer teams had to create a 4-6 page all-ages submissions from scratch based on the theme “lost in space.”

In that same previous post I mentioned that while I wanted to enter the competition, I didn’t have any ideas for a story. Then, as with all good stories, when I least expected it, an idea struck. Over the course of a morning I penned a humorous 4-page comic called ADRIFT and took to Twitter seeking an artist to team up with. Those fateful Tweets led me to Alex Diotto, artist of the comic book Southern Dog at Action Lab Entertainment. He wanted to draw something funny…and as it turned out, I had something funny that needed drawn. It was a match!

One month later after Alex finished the inked pages, I slapped some letters on those bad boys and we fired them over to Titan Comics and said, “Here you go, have fun.” (Not verbatim.)

Alright…we’re all caught up…we’re jumping back to the present.

A week ago Alex and I got an email from the organizers of the The Lakes International Comic Art Festival (being held in October in the UK) who chose finalists for the contest before letting the editorial staff at Titan Comics make the tough decisions, saying that our little comic was named as one of six winners in the competition. Out of 40 entries, our silly tale of aliens and astronauts made quite an impact on the judges.

Adrift, along with five other submitted shorts, will be available this fall in an anthology published by Titan Comics, available exclusively through the ComiXology platform.

So…I ask you…how cool is that?

Answer: It’s pretty darn cool.

An official announcement of the winners will take place next month at the Lakes International Comic Art Festival on Oct. 17. Hopefully we’ll have more info to share at that time about the release date.

As for Alex and I? We’re just getting warmed up.


Adrift update #2

As quickly as it began, it was over.

I’m thrilled to report that artist Alex Diotto has completed work on our 4-page short comic, ADRIFT!

Last evening, the finished inks hit my inbox and I quickly went about lettering them up and completing the project.

This short initially came together in a matter of hours as a submission to the upcoming Titan Comics Undiscovered Talent Competition. Winners of the competition will be included in the publisher’s “Lost in Space” digital anthology, to be released later this year via ComiXology. In a matter of hours the idea hit, the script was written, the call was put out, and Alex answered. Here we are one month later with the finished product. Together, we’ve produced an all-ages piece that’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

I want to extend a huge thank you to Alex for his enthusiasm toward this short. He’s a charming collaborator who breathed life into a big world contained in just a few small pages. The art is exhilarating, vibrant and absolutely stunning to look at. It’s been a super-hero team-up that I don’t want to end. Now that I think about it…maybe it won’t. (Hint hint.)

Judging for the Titan Comics competition is in mid-October. Until then, sit tight and know that if we’re not selected for the anthology, then we’ll still be releasing this online for free!

Enjoy some of Alex’s amazing art below. And trust me, this one’s gonna be gooooood.


Adrift update #1

New project time!

About a month ago I saw that UK publisher Titan Comics was hosting an Undiscovered Talent Competition of sorts with a theme of “Lost in Space.” Entries had to be finished comics between 4-6 pages and winners would be selected by the Titan editorial staff. The winning shorts would then be collected into an anthology from the publisher to be released by ComiXology in the fall. There was lots of other fine and tiny print, but I didn’t necessarily jump at this opportunity.

Normally I’m not a fan of competition. I was never into competitive sports (except during a season of little league baseball that went horribly wrong) so the contest wasn’t something that immediately piqued my interested. Then, as happens to writers, I was doing something completely unrelated to thinking about the contest and a story idea hit me that lined up with the contest’s theme. Even better, I felt like this idea was something I could feasibly do in four pages. Resigning myself to the fact that I was indeed an “undiscovered talent” and therefore completely eligible to participate, I decided to write it. After all, what did I have to lose?

The following morning I alternated keyboard taps with coffee sips as the script came to life on my screen. Once the initial draft of ADRIFT was complete, I did what any other fledgling comic book writer would do–I took to Twitter to beg artists to work with me. Surprisingly, the response was pretty overwhelming and I sent the script off to several folks who I’d been interested in collaborating with.

It seems my good fortune was in order because the talented Alex Diotto (artist of Southern Dog from Action Lab Entertainment and the SCAMthology from ComixTribe) read my script said a bunch of really nice things and offered to draw it up so we could enter the contest.

It all came together before I’d finished my coffee. Sometimes the world is a pretty amazing place.

Alex is a very talented storyteller whose style is clean, accessible and so much fun. He was interested in doing something on the humorous side and I’m glad he picked this story to help him flex those muscles. I just had an opportunity to check out the pencils for the short and his art had me laughing out loud. There weren’t even any words on the page. THAT’S how we do it.

And while we will be sending this short over to Titan Comics for their consideration, we’re not living and dying by their validation. Either way, you, the reader, are going to get a fun 4-page story that is guaranteed to make you smile. Look at that…everyone wins.

Oh, while I have you, Alex’s new comic, Southern Dog, is currently in previews for pre-order. The comic deals with racial tensions in the south AND werewolves, so you know it’s good. Heck, I’ve read the first issue so I can promise you that it’s good. The series was written by the talented Jeremy Holt with covers by Riley Rossmo. Get on it. Help this comic succeed.

While Alex moves on to the inking phase of our short, check out his character designs below for Dee and Adam, our two protagonists who find themselves hopelessly lost in the void that is space. Of course, much hilarity ensues. How could it not?


The Wall Update #5

Last year I wrote a 5 page comic story called THE WALL. This story was later brought to life by artist Tun Myo Hlaing. Upon completion, I submitted the work to several publishers for consideration in upcoming anthologies, but had no takers.

Since I’m still very proud of the finished product, I decided to post it online for your reading pleasure. Click here or on the image to check it out. Your thoughts and feedback are welcome!

Be sure to surf over to Tun’s website and the rest of his great art. I hope to work with him again in the future!


I recently sat down with John Helmer from to talk about my short story, London Shadow, that was published in MegaBook volume 1 from CE Publishing.

Check out the interview here!

As a writer, “three page story,” is about the scariest thing you can hear from an artist.