Right Place at the Write Time

A few weeks ago, I added a Column page to this website, but never really gave it any air time. Time to correct the oversight.

Recently, I pitched a column idea to the comic book news/info website Fanboy Buzz.

Lots of comic book websites have columns where people do reviews, interviews, talk about things they like and dislike within the industry. I wanted to bring something a little bit different to the table, so my column idea was to follow me, an up-and-coming comic book writer as I try to break into the industry. A place where I could share my experiences, thoughts, emotions, successes, and failures. I’ve been cranking these columns out as I have time (or when I need a break from actually writing comics) and thus far, they’ve mainly been about foundational ideas and expectations from anyone who is actively looking to make comics.

As they progress I’ll go deeper into details and experiences with my current projects, and I hope to do some interviews with professional writers within the industry. Start reading now and I’ll post new columns as they become available!

Here are the current selections of my column, Right Place at the Write Time:

5.18.12 – RPWT #4: Thou Shalt Motivate Thyself
5.01.12 – RPWT #3: Writers Gonna Read
4.18.12 – RPWT #2: Writers Gonna Write
4.15.12 – RPWT #1: Introduction