Maintenance arrives on ComiXology!

I had a birthday Monday. It was awesome. But the real icing on my birthday cake came today when MAINTENANCE, a one-shot comic I co-created with artist Stan Chou hit ComiXology.

Maintenance_AA_CoverSeriously… you can get 24 pages of robotic awesomeness for just $0.99.

Get it right here.

You don’t want miss a robot, newly endowed with human emotions takes a deadly romp through the bowels of a technology company.

Inspired by a little bit of Blade Runner, a little bit of Black Mirror and a lot of M.C. Escher, Stan and I put this together a couple years ago, originally serialized via my webcomic project, Innovation. We’re now unleashing it on a whole new audience by collecting it into a single book!

I’m also printing these up for some conventions, so keep an eye on the web store if you’d rather hold it in your non-robotic hands.

Big thanks to Stan for taking the journey with me on this one. He’s not only super talented, but one of the nicest people I know.


Hipsters Vs. Rednecks lands on ComiXology!

HvR_Cover_web_thumbAfter debuting in September in print and as a PDF download, Hipsters Vs. Rednecks, my 24-page comedy one-shot co-created with artist Tyler Kelting landed today on the ComiXology platform!

Get it right here for just $1.99:

If you’re in the mood for some laughs, then this might just be the perfect holiday gift for yourself or a friend.

HvR is the story of an outsider, Sloane, who, following the apocalypse, finds herself caught in the middle of an ongoing war between the remaining two factions… the hipsters and the rednecks. Taken in by the hipster clan just as they suffer their biggest attack to date, Sloane must take a stand if she hopes to make it out of New Brooklyn alive.

Here’s what the reviewers thought of HvR:

“If you don’t absolutely love this comic, you are a fool” –

“Seriously, Hipsters vs Rednecks is Adult Swim at its best. More to the point, Hipsters vs Rednecks is what Adult Swim SHOULD be doing.” –

“Read it now so you can tell everyone you knew about it before it was cool.” –

“If the idea behind this one shot comic sounds even remotely interesting to you, then you should be thinking about reading this comic; it’s a fun look at what could be a disastrous future should these two factions remain in order to rebuild the human race.” –

I was worried this might be sort of a one-note joke, which wouldn’t be so bad for a one-shot comic, so I’m glad it was actually a pretty damn funny book.” –

This comic is a quick, irreverent read that’s sure to make anyone who rolls their eyes at hipsters or rednecks laugh until it hurts.

Look at it this way… the more copies we sell, the higher the potential for a sequel, so do Tyler and I a solid and help spread the word!

Hipsters vs. Rednecks Update #3

Back at the beginning of 2015 I embarked on the silliest of ideas.

After Unit 44 showed me how much fun writing humor was, and how naturally I felt it came to me in comic book form, I decided to up the ante on myself. Sure, I had penned a silly and irreverent four-issue sci-fi/comedy miniseries, but I wondered how could I take that to the next level.

HvR_Cover_web_newI didn’t have to think very long.

In a stroke of genius (or was it madness)… I thought, what if the world ended leaving just two of the planets’ silliest human stereotypes…and what if they had to fight each other?

It was then that I knew I would be writing Hipsters vs. Rednecks.

The story came rather quickly… what would happen if an outsider stumbled into the middle of a war… who would they ally with and how would they survive in that setting? This tale would not only allow me to explore a ton of silly jokes, but be a fun experiment in one-and-done storytelling.

In October 2014 I penned the script and at the end of the year went hunting for the perfect artist to co-create the world I had started to envision. After casually dropping the idea for the comic out on social media I got several responses, but there was one artist who caught my eye…

Tyler Kelting, writer and artist of the (fantastic) indie book My Friend Death offered to take a look at the script to see if it was up his alley. Tyler’s art has this amazing dark, grimy and lived-in feeling that I thought would be ideal for the story. The dude uses color in ways I’ve never seen colors used in a comic book. Needless to say, I was holding my breath that he’d dig it. Thankfully, he did and after a bit of discussion he set to work in early 2015.

Here we are just months later, sitting on top of a complete 24-page one-shot comic book that I couldn’t be more proud of.

HvR_prev3While part of me feels like this comic book has no business existing (because it’s just that silly) the other part of me is completed inspired by the what we’ve made. As a young reader I always loved when an indie comic book would pop up in my local comic shop (The Collection Connection — hey-o!) and reel me in with it’s personality, wackiness and complete disregard for following comic book norms.

To me, Hipsters vs. Rednecks embodies that feeling. Tyler and I created the exact comic we wanted to make, making zero apologies and having a ton of fun in the process. Maybe we’ll be apologizing once it’s released… who knows.

We’ll be self-publishing the book in print and digital formats in September. Digital PDFs will first be available via Gumroad with more e-formats to follow in the near future. We’ll be dropping a pre-order link in the next few weeks!

Now, even though I’m completely into this book I can’t help but wonder if anyone will read it. With a title like Hipsters vs. Rednecks, I’m counting on curiosity alone to bring in some viewers. After all, how could there be any sort of story there? There’s only one way to find out!

While it’s all very silly, I’ve always believed that first and foremost, making comics should be fun. The fulfillment I get from collaborating with talented artists and colorists is a thrill that never gets old.

Mission accomplished.

Release date info to come soon!

Hipsters vs. Rednecks Update #2

With the new year comes new progress on my upcoming silly one-shot comic book HIPSTERS VERSUS REDNECKS, co-created with the wonderful Tyler Kelting.

This 24-page one-shot comic explores what happens when a survivor of the apocalypse finds herself in the middle of an epic battle between the hipster and redneck factions as they battle for control of New Brooklyn, the last known city.

It’s gonna be silly and it’s gonna be out there. I hope you’re ready. We may see the book as early as spring, but you know how comics are! As soon as you can get your hands on it, I’ll let you know how!

While Tyler and I work diligently behind the scenes, here’s a peek at the cover art. Tell me you don’t want to read this comic. I dare you. Even I want to read it and I wrote the thing!


Hipsters vs. Rednecks Update #1

I spend a lot of time thinking back to when I was a young man reading comic books. I think about what grabbed my attention, what kept me coming back week after week and what enthralled me about the characters that I like to this day.

For me, it all comes down to fun.

I think comic books should be fun.

This will be evidenced in early 2015 when I unleash my sci-fi/comedy comic book UNIT 44 through Alterna Comics. Aside from that, I noticed that a large majority of projects that I wrote this year had something fun about them. None of the books were gritty, or dark, or took themselves too seriously. In fact, the more I wrote, the more “out there” I got with my story ideas, wrapping them up with lots of over the top exaggeration and laugh-out-loud humor (subjective, of course). This increasing desire to write something that would just be a ton of fun for readers lead to my latest project which has gone into production: a 24-page one-shot called HIPSTERS VERSUS REDNECKS.

What I love most about this upcoming comic is that when readers ask, “Hey, Wes, what’s that book about?” I’ll be able to refer them directly back to the title, ’cause the name says it all.

In comics, I find that if you want to do humor, you need an art style to support it. Mainstream art just doesn’t go with funny words. For UNIT 44, artist Eduardo Jimenez’s style is nothing like my other projects…it’s brighter, more expressive and has a cartoony look that perfectly suits the vibe of the story. I knew that if I was going to write a comic about Hipsters and Rednecks fighting one another, I’d need to take the same approach and I linked up with the talented artist Tyler Kelting, who’s drawing style is a tad left of center.

Tyler is the writer and artist of the self-published comic MY FRIEND DEATH, which has this raw, indie comics vibe that reminds me of so many fun books I read in my youth. Tyler read the script I’d written, had some laughs, and agreed to draw the book, so off we went, aiming to have it available sooner rather than later. I’m grateful that he saw the humor in the script and is willing to spend some hours of his life to co-create this book with me.

So, with all that said, you’re probably wondering what the comic book is all about, huh?

How’s this grab you?

In a post-apocalyptic world, two factions have risen to power—the hipsters, who control the thriving city of New Brooklyn and the rednecks, who will do anything to get inside. After letting a stranger into the walled city, oblivious hipster Pete Hughes must survive a deadly redneck onslaught, and when the dust settles he’ll never look at the world the same way again.

Now imagine that narrative paired with a bunch of jokes about both hipsters and rednecks. How could you not want to read that?

We’ve just gotten started, but here’s some early preview art from Tyler. More to come!