Hoodwinked Update #3

I’m happy to report that the finished pages for my public domain story, HOODWINKED, were approved and delivered to the publisher a week or so ago.

It was another awesome experience working with Kristian Rossi and from pitch approval to completed letters we had a one month turnaround on the four-page project. Not bad for a story that won’t even be published until January 2014!

I worked with editors Marc Lombardi and Glenn Matchett over at GrayHaven Comics and they were wonderful with shepherding the submission through the pipeline and providing constructive feedback along the way. I look forward to working with them again in the future!

For now, as we wait patiently for the The Gathering: Public Domain anthology to be released, here’s a final look at some finished and lettered art.



Hoodwinked Update #2

This week I received the final art for my four page Public Domain short, HOODWINKED.

Artist Kristian Rossi added some amazing inks and gray tones over his pencil work and this comic is primed and ready for the finishing touches. Kristian’s style is perfect for a gritty black and white tale and I’m happy to expose more of his talent with each passing collaboration.

The GrayHaven Comics editorial team as approved the art and I’ll soon dive into lettering the piece and doing print-prep.

This short was also on the receiving end of a name change that I felt better suited the story and its material and is a much more accurate representation of the personality you’ll see from it.

Hoodwinked will be published by GrayHaven Comics in their Public Domain anthology, due out in January of 2014. Good things come to those who wait!

For now, check out a preview of the finished inks!


Hoodwinked Update #1

Just a few days after receiving the completed 4-page script for my upcoming short comic, THE PICK, the ever-talented artist Kristian Rossi has fired over pencils for the first two pages of the story!

The Pick will be published by GrayHaven Comics in their Public Domain anthology, due out early 2014. I’m especially excited for this anthology since all of the stories star characters available in the public domain (shocker, right?). Get ready for some throwbacks!

Kristian and I also collaborated on comics Chambers and The Temporal. If you’re a fan of his work (as I am) you’re going to love this story as well!

I also heard that the Deadhorse team of Eric Grissom and Phil Sloan are contributing to the anthology. That alone will be worth the cover price! Speaking of Deadhorse, their first trade is now available. Pick it up — it’s good comics by good people.

Sneak peek of The Pick!


In the Works…

It’s an exciting time as with each passing month I have comics that come closer to completion and books that get closer to release. Once the ball gets rolling I hope for it only to pick up speed and not slow down!

With 2013 seeing the release of my long form comics Chambers, New Life, The Undoubtables, The Temporal and my short comics Timeless, Compromised, and You May Already Be a Winner, I’m constantly thinking about the “what’s next?” part.

Thankfully, I now have lined up two projects that will be released in early 2014. Though small, they’re two stories that I’m incredibly proud of and can’t wait to see as they continue down the development road.

The first project, The Pick, is a 4-page short that will be illustrated by collaborator extraordinaire, Kristian Rossi, and will be released in GrayHaven ComicsPublic Domain anthology. Hmm… public domain. Interested?

The second project, also being released by GrayHaven is a 3-page short entitled In The Drink, that will be published in their upcoming Survival anthology and I’ll be working with the talented Robyn Seale for the first time.

Even though these are a mere 7 pages worth of comics, both artists are severely talented and I feel that these shorts are some of the best work I’ve done to date. Both scripts have been approved by the ever-talented GrayHaven staff and we’re ready to roll!

I’m excited to keep you posted as they continue on toward completion, though you may not see the final pieces for close to a year. Comics is all about the hurry up and wait, but it’s a wait that will be well worth it.