Last week was best defined by the word “whirlwind.”

About a month ago, a representative from Full Sail University reached out to me and asked if I’d be interested in being a guest during their Hall of Fame Week in February. Each year the school honors six graduates who have accomplished much in their respective fields and holds a three-day celebration full of music, speeches and industry panels. Check out more info here. It’s pretty impressive stuff.

The school rep specified that they were putting together a panel on self-publishing and they’d appreciate me sharing my comic experiences with their students. Since I enjoy speaking, of course I said yes, and for three days was treated extremely well by the school and staff.

I spent an hour and a half talking self-publishing to a packed room alongside writers Matt Peters, Bill Thompson and Kim Craft. Students were engaged and asked a ton of great questions and once the panel was over, I found myself mobbed by those who had comic-specific concerns.

The remaining days were full of meet and greets, dinners and parties and I managed to get in some serious hang time with my buddy Daniel Corey, who writes the MORIARTY series for Image Comics. You should seriously read it if you haven’t. It’s a ton of fun. Click here, immediately. I even found some down time to meet with friends living in the area and was able to hand deliver a ton of UNIT 44 Kickstarter rewards.

I just wanted to thank the staff at Full Sail University for the amazing experience and I hope that I’ll be asked to return again next year.

Below is a blurry photo from the session but I’m told that the panel will be posted on their YouTube Channel in the coming weeks, and I’ll be sure to share a link once it’s live.

That’s me below in the blue shirt, moments before the panel started, silently wondering if I actually knew anything about anything.


If you ever have the chance to speak at a college, do it. Share some knowledge and hopefully change some lives.