The Undoubtables to be published by Markosia Enterprises

At long last, an exciting announcement that I’ve been waiting on pins and needles to make…

My 4-issue action/heist comic book THE UNDOUBTABLES, co-created with artist Emre Ozdamarlar will be published by UK publisher Markosia Enterprises!

Our book just received a launch announcement over on their website and after more than two years of hard work, we’re excited for you to be able to read it.

The series will be published monthly via ComiXology in 2014 and once all four issues have been released, it’ll be collected into an 88-page physical trade paperback that you’ll be able to order at your local comic shop as well as a digital edition. We’ll announce firm release dates as soon as we have ’em!

What’s The Undoubtables about, you ask?

Spencer “Spade” Shelton and his rag-tag band of thieves, The Undoubtables, must outsmart the police and a crew of deadly mobsters if they hope to shake off the rust and pull off their latest heist.

Get ready to be introduced to Spade, Club, Diamond and Heart, a group of slick thieves who ooze personality. You’ll also meet some cops out to get their moment in the limelight and a handful of gangsters who don’t take kindly to being swindled. Like action, adventure, humor and some fun in your comics? This is a title you won’t want to miss.

The series boasts writing and letters from me, pencils and inks by Emre, interior colors by Kefas Armando and cover colors by Kell Smith. We had a fantastic team working on this book and I’m thankful to the folks over at Markosia for believing in our book and helping us bring it digital shelves.

And finally…at long last…we can show you art from the comic!

Take a gander at the cover below which will eventually find it’s way onto the trade paperback. I mean, c’mon…how awesome is that?