New Life Update #13

Ready for some fun news? The second issue of my sci-fi comic NEW LIFE, co-created with artist Logan Miller is complete!

All 22 beautiful pages of our second installment are lettered and they look absolutely stunning (if I do say so myself). Logan is already producing pages for the third issue and he’s cranking everything up to eleven. This dystopian comic of ours…it gets crazy, and it gets crazy fast.

This 4-issue comic book miniseries was originally written in 2012 so going back over the scripts armed with the knowledge I have now has been a real joy. Issue 3 got a complete overhaul and came as a tightly-written, action packed romp and over the weekend I completed my final revision on the fourth issue script.

After reading back over the finale chapter, I’m stupidly excited about this book. I think Logan and I are bringing you something familiar but different. Just the way the entertainment industry loves it. It’s going to scratch an itch for a lot of sci-fi lovers and then subsequently punch them in the gut. That’s how we roll.

But don’t take my word for it… check out what we have in store for you:


What Ever Happened to: New Life

In this week’s edition of WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO… I thought I’d spotlight a comic that I’m hoping to release late this year or early next year entitled NEW LIFE.

Need me to refresh you on the plot? No problem.

In an overpopulated city, a loner wins a lottery drawing that allows him to bring a loved one back from the grave. Before he can have his recently deceased wife reinstated, he’ll have 48 hours to kill someone else to take her place.

This 4-issue sci-fi romp through a dystopian future in which the world has reached extreme overpopulation was co-created by Logan Miller. In addition to being one hell of an artist, Logan is also talented at painting, coloring, sketching and graffiti. I guarantee that he can also tie both of his shoes simultaneously with different hands.

We started working on this project about a year and a half ago during which time we did a 5-page short and pitched it around to several publishers. While the responses were all positive, we only had one taker in Philadelphia’s indie darlings 215 Ink.

Since that time Logan completely retooled the art from the ground up and let me tell you — he came out with guns blazing and it’s going to blow. your. mind.

We completed the first issue in mid-2013 but since Logan and I are both students we both got extremely busy and progress ground to halt. Here we are, fresh into 2014 and I’m happy to report that the train is moving again. Logan has penciled the entire second issue, inked more than 20 pages and even colored the first handful. Once art is complete it gets tossed back to me for lettering and we start all over again on issue 3!

These comic things take time!

While we continue on with production, here’s a sneak peek at some of that mind-blowing artwork I mentioned:


New Life Update #12

It’s been about a month since the last update on my upcoming sci-fi comic book NEW LIFE. I figured it was about time for an update to share what’s been happening since work was completed on issue #1. (You DO know that it’s done, right?)

Series artist Logan Miller has been working his tail off on the book and things have been progressing wonderfully. We are officially knee-deep in issue 2!

I’ve seen thumbnails for the entirety of the second installment and Logan has already penciled and inked several pages. I have to say… I thought that the inaugural issue couldn’t be beat but I have the privilege of watching Logan take the story, characters and medium to the next level. His layouts are going to blow your mind and we got up the courage to try something I’ve never done in a comic before. How’s that for a cliffhanger?

In our never-ending attempt to make this book look as professional as possible, Logan crafted a very cool interior credits page for the book and he even re-worked the cover of the first issue to include an updated character design, view of the setting and a killer new logo.

I’m so excited to get this series into people’s hands. It’s going to be such a wild ride. Hang in there!

Have a look at the new cover for the first issue of our upcoming series.


New Life Update #11

Big news in 3…2…1…

The first issue of my sci-fi comic book NEW LIFE is complete!

After many hours of coloring by Logan Miller and lettering by me, we’ve finally brought together the first 22 pages of our four-issue epic to be published soon by 215 Ink.

It’s been a long road, but we’ve finally made it to the end of the first finish line. Now we just have to do it all over again three more times. (Don’t kill me, Logan.)

As an independent comics creator one of my biggest pet peeves is when comics start with a number one issue but either take a year to produce a second issue or worse, never make it to the second issue at all. Logan and I are very determined to maintain a monthly schedule with this book and bring you a story that you’ll be able to enjoy knowing that the next chapter is only 30 days away.

We’ve also made the decision to have the comic hit the digital stores alongside the print product so that you can get the book in a format that is best for you and your reading habits and neither party will miss out on having access to it.

Because we’ve chosen this path, it’s likely that the first issue won’t be released until the final issue is complete or very nearly so. It’s a challenge because as a writer, I want to share it with the world and have everyone appreciate Logan’s art as I have been behind the scenes for the last few months, but I promise that the wait will lead to a better payoff and a better reading experience!

Until then, expect more news, more updates and more sneak peeks at the fun to come.

I promise, once New Life gets here, it’s going to be a wild ride.
Sound good?


New Life Update #10

Over the weekend I received nine more colored pages for my upcoming sci-fi comic book, NEW LIFE.

The four issue mini-series, which will be published by 215 Ink, is a two man operation between myself and the spectacular Logan Miller.

I almost hate when he sends me new pages because I just sit and stare at them for extended periods of time and end up forgetting to eat or find myself neglecting my cats. It’s a gorgeous book and the colors have taken Logan’s already amazing pencils and inks to new heights.

Immediately after receiving these new pages I tossed them into Illustrator and began the lettering process. At this point we have 13 pages fully complete for issue one and by the end of the week we’ll be at 17!

Very exciting stuff!

Let’s be honest though. You saw that there was some fresh New Life info and you probably just want to check out some new art from Logan.

I can’t disappoint!