Chambers Trade Paperback Pre-Order: Last Call

We’re so close!

A week from today the trade paperback (print edition) of my crime-fiction comic CHAMBERS will be released!

There’s still time to pre-order from publisher Arcana Studio and the beautiful 100+ page collection will be shipped to your door upon release on March 26.

As this is my first trade collection that I’m not paying to print, so obviously I’m very excited. If you haven’t read the book, this will be the best way to do it. Along with artist Kristian Rossi and colorist Kefas Armando, I crafted a gut-wrenching tale of dirty cops and bloody revenge. If you’re a fan of noir or gritty stories based in the real world, then this comic will be right up your alley.

Do you like the movie Die Hard?
Trick question! Who doesn’t like Die Hard?
Loved that? You’ll dig this.

If digital is more your speed then you can currently pick up the individual issues or the collected edition from ComiXology for $1.99 or $5.99, respectively.

Click the image below to head to the order page. Just $19 will get you the book and will help support my writing career. Go ahead… encourage me. I dare you.


Interview: Vodka O’Clock Podcast

A few weeks ago I was a guest on the Vodka O’Clock podcast where I chatted with host Amber Love about the character relationships of my crime-fiction comic book CHAMBERS, the process of collaborating with a zillion different artists on my sci-fi webcomic INNOVATION and the trials and tribulations that came along with Kickstarting my upcoming sci-fi/comedy comic, UNIT 44.

The episode is now online, and if you’d like to spend an hour listening to me talk about the genesis of those projects, explain how I linked up with my collaborators or if you’d just like to relax to the dulcet tones of my voice while on your morning commute, you can download the podcast from iTunes or Stitcher radio.

Click below for more info or to download the episode!

What Ever Happened to: The Temporal

I decided to start a new segment on the blog where I can talk about a little bit about projects of mine that, for one reason or another, aren’t getting as much “screen time” as some of the others.

Whether these projects are on hiatus, soon to be released or simply as dead as parachute pants, I thought I’d given an update which will help get us all excited for things coming up over the course of 2014.

Sounds like a blast, right?
Of course it does!

So, let’s get started with — what ever happened to…


THE TEMPORAL is a 32-page sci-fi one-shot that I wrote back in 2011 (way, way back) and was the project that originally brought me together with one of my favorite collaborators, Kristian Rossi, who you may recognize as the artist from a little comic book called Chambers. Kristian and I initially connected through and it was off to the races and the start of a solid friendship.

When you’re looking to break into comics, the first thing you (should) do is go make comics. I hired Kristian to draw this one-and-done story about time travel, science and the ramifications of our decisions and he completed pencils and inks on the book in 2012. Ever since, the book has sat, just waiting for its time to shine.

As other projects demanded time and attention (and money), I strayed away from getting colors added to this book in order to get some publisher-backed projects out the door. In 2013 I sat down and lettered The Temporal, so what we have now is a complete, 32-page black and white comic book.

In November, I launched my free sci-fi webcomic, Innovation, that centers around extreme scientific research and the pros and cons that come along with advancing technology. It’s since become very clear to me that Innovation was continuing many of the themes that I had established in The Temporal, so I decided to fold the book into the same universe and the one-shot will be a lead-off to the second story arc that I have planned.

Where, how and when can you get it? That’s yet to be determined, but it’s awesome having this completed project “in the pocket,” as it’s something that I can unleash if/when my publishing schedule slows down. One thing is for sure, though — it will see light in 2014. It’s long overdue, and I can’t wait to see what you think of it.


Chambers – Trade Paperback Pre-Order

A huge holiday thank you to anyone who has picked up either the individual issues of my crime-fiction comic book CHAMBERS or grabbed the collected edition for $5.99 on ComiXology.

For those of you who long for the paper and ink method of comic consumption, I bring you great news — Midtown Comics in New York City is now taking pre-orders for the book for just $14!

You can grab it via their website by clicking here.

If you’d prefer to grab it from your local comic shop, the book is also in Previews. Head to your favorite retailer and give them order code JAN140863, but be sure to get your orders in by January!

The street date for the book is March 26, 2014. If you’re still waiting to read the book, the time is finally here! You’ll be getting over 100 pages of suspense, action and snark!


Chambers – The Digital Collection – Now on sale!

ChambersTradeCoverWebAnother milestone reached!

Last month, the fourth and final issue of my crime-fiction miniseries CHAMBERS, with art by Kristian Rossi and colors by Kefas Armando, arrived digitally via ComiXology!

It brought my story of crooked cops and family ties to a close and felt good to have a full limited series under my belt.

But wait — THERE’S MORE!

Today, the digital collected edition, which features all 4 issues for $5.99 is now available on ComiXology! If you didn’t read the issues as they were originally released (and yes, that hurts) get them all now and save some cash in the process.

In one fell swoop you can check out all 88 pages of the series and catch up on a fun, bloody and adrenaline-fueled tale of revenge and family. I sincerely hope that you’ll give it a read and I welcome any feedback that you care to share.

Next stop? The PRINT version of the collected edition will be here in March of 2014, published by Arcana Studio.