You May Already Be A Winner now in print!

My 5-page crime comic, YOU MAY ALREADY BE A WINNER, that I finished back in February is now available in print!

In fact, now that I think about it, this is my first comic to be officially printed by a publisher. That’s kind of exciting in itself!

Support both myself, story artist Jacob Warrenfeltz and independent comics by picking up your copy at the GrayHaven Comics store. This black and white anthology packs in 32 pages of crime-themed shorts for just $3.

There’s a great group of editors working over at GrayHaven so please take a few moments to check out their other offerings and consider buying additional titles. They’re giving up-and-coming creators great opportunities and encouragement, so consider supporting them by checking out the excellent books that they release on a regular basis.

Next month, they’ll debut a 3-page comic I wrote, entitled TIMELESS in their Sci-Fi 2 anthology. It’s gonna be a fun summer of comics.