The Curse of Mr. Margrave Update #1

I recently ran across an artist online who was looking to launch a series of webcomics. They’d be short stories with only several panels being released at a time over the course of a few weeks or months. The catch was that they would all be horror-themed. It seemed like a fun opportunity, so I investigated a bit further.

Horror isn’t typically my genre. Aside from my work with Allen Byrns on the short comic, LONDON SHADOW, I only had one other script that I felt could follow the theme. It was originally submitted for an anthology but not selected. With nothing to lose, I submitted my story, THE CURSE OF MR. MARGRAVE, and within a few days I was alerted that my story had been selected to be the inaugural comic on the site.

This should be an interesting experience since I’ve never participated in a webcomic before. I’m curious to see how the story plays out in this exciting format. Artist Daniel Pereira dos Santos will be bringing the 6 page story to life and it appears that it will be published over the course of 12 installments. Always exciting to scout some uncharted territory!

Here’s an image from Daniel that should do a perfect job in setting the tone and vibe of the story. More details as they become available!