The Temporal Update #8

Less than a month has passed since colorist Cristian Sabarre was brought on to the creative team for my time travel one-shot comic, THE TEMPORAL, and pages are already starting to make their way in.

For this book, I’ve had more conversations about color than with any past project. Sometimes as readers we don’t consider the tones and palettes that work their way into the books each week, but each decision plays a vital role in conveying specific emotions to the reader. It’s a great learning process and is something I will continue to consider when scripting future stories.

I’m excited about this book since it’s been in the works for quite a long time, but it’s amazing to see progress continue along. I look forward to guiding this tale down the pipe toward completion.

Another exciting this about this book is that it’s a free agent. All of my other projects have been developed with a publisher firmly attached, but this one-shot was created under my own rules, my own timelines, and I don’t have any non-disclosure agreements preventing me from sharing parts of the book. (Wes — are NDAs the reason we haven’t seen any finished art for CHAMBERS or THE UNDOUBTABLES??)

Upon completion of this project I plan to shop it around to some very specific people, but I won’t hesitate to self-publish it should there be no takers. (Why yes, it is, but I understand why they are in place.)

Be prepared to get all kinds of snippets and teasers for this book as it builds toward completion.

In fact, why wait? Here’s a peek at my favorite part of any comic book: PAGE ONE / PANEL 1.

Pencils and inks by the indelible, Kristian Rossi and colors by Cristian Sabarre. Words that you can’t see yet by me.

I never thought that I would write about a hot dog cart in a comic script, and yet…here we are.


The Temporal Update #7

I’m dropping an update on a book I haven’t talked about in quite some time: THE TEMPORAL.

For anyone who may have forgotten, this is a 32-page one-shot about science, time travel, and those pesky paradoxes that come with it.

This was the story that originally brought me together with artist Kristian Rossi before our collaboration on the upcoming crime graphic novel, Chambers.

Art for this project has been complete for some time and I finally found a colorist who I believe will bring a great style to this already fantastic-looking tale. Cristian Sabarre is joining the team and if all goes to plan, this book should be complete within a few months and one way or another, I’ll be getting it into your hands.

Yes—the art team is made up of Kristian and Cristian. How crazy/cool is that?

Here’s a sneak peek from Cristian’s color test page. We’re still working to find the best palette for this story so that the mood and tone are maximized but I’m excited to see how it develops. It’s wonderful to work with such talented people.