“Timeless” now in print!

Another fun project debuted this week that contains some words that I wrote.

GrayHaven Comics debuted a whole slew of new books, among them their Sci-Fi 2 anthology that features a 3-page short called TIMELESS that I did with artist Michael Nigro. There’s a ton of other talent in the book so grab a copy and see the next generation of comic book talent!

Click here to pick up The Gathering: Sci-Fi 2!

One of the things I’ve struggled with as a creator is the “hurry up and wait” portion. Because comics go through so many hands, from writers to artists to colorists and editors, it’s often an extended period of time before stories see the light of day. Interesting tidbit…Timeless was printed exactly one year after it was turned in to the editors. That’s how it goes, but it’s that much sweeter to finally see it released.

Earlier in the year, the fine folks at GrayHaven Comics were also kind enough to print a 5-page crime story I wrote and near the end of the year, you’ll get another 3-pager I did for an upcoming Spy-themed anthology. There’s a great, talented and encouraging team over there and I thank them for their constant support.