The Undoubtables Update #11

I’m not gonna lie… these are my favorite type of announcements to make.

The third issue of my upcoming action/heist comic book THE UNDOUBTABLES, co-created with artist Emre Ozdamarlar, is complete and has been turned over to the publisher!

Kefas Armando is currently putting the finishing touches on the colors for the fourth and final issue of the series and after some lettering, the project, which began back in 2012 will be complete! It’s been a lot of work, but this has been one of the most satisfying projects that I’ve had the pleasure of working on to date.

With three issues now in the hopper, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a publisher announcement soon, along with info on how you can get the book digitally!

I sincerely hope that you’ll give The Undoubtables a chance, especially if you enjoy heist movies or comics with a large, colorful casts.

I always get bummed out that I can’t show any art from this book due to our NDA, but as soon as we get the go-ahead, rest assured you’ll be the first to see it.

What Ever Happened to: The Undoubtables

In this week’s edition of WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO… I thought I’d spotlight my upcoming 4-issue heist miniseries THE UNDOUBTABLES that I co-created with artist Emre Ozdamarlar and with colors by Kefas Armando.

Spencer “Spade” Shelton and his rag-tag band of thieves, The Undoubtables, will have to stay one step ahead of the police and a crew of deadly mobsters if they hope to shake off the rust and pull off their latest heist.

Once again, we have to jump into the way, way back machine and venture to a strange and dangerous land where music was ruled by Lady Gaga and the final Harry Potter flick was making billions in ticket sales… a world known as 2011.

It was around this time that I had written my first set of five-page pitches that included a superhero story, a sci-fi space tale, a gritty crime yarn (see: Chambers) and a fun Ocean’s 11-esque heist story. In 2012 I found gracious artistic collaborators to bring these stories to life and by the end of the year, they were making the rounds to publishers, with most being rejected as quickly as I could send the digital files.

Then it all changed…I got a nibble on the heist story known as The Undoubtables, and soon I found myself on the phone with a publisher (seriously, no one ever uses the phone anymore…I thought that was pretty awesome) and they walked me through what they’d like to do with the comic, how they’d promote it and why they liked it. Digital was just becoming a thing, and they were excited for the comic to help pave a digital path for them. Then they offered Emre and and I a contract.

Well, as you can imagine… I was ecstatic. I hit up Emre and after some discussion we decided to give it a go and bring the full 4-issue series to life. It would be a ‘breakout’ project for the both of us and would help us put (and hopefully leave) our mark on the comics world, establishing us as creators. Emre, who was attending comics school in Sweden at the time, was encouraged by his teachers to draw the book as part of his training, which I still think is just about the coolest thing ever, and since the contracts were signed we’ve been hard at work on the finished product.

Fast forward a bit — In August 2013 we completed work on the debut issue and then in December 2013, wrapped the second installment. Here in 2014, I’m proud to say that the entire 88-page series has been colored. Currently, we’re finessing some of the colors on issues 3 & 4 and once those are settled, I will letter the last 44 pages and we anticipate to see the first issue released digitally within the next couple of months. In fact, the first issue is poised to release as soon as we’ve turned in the third!

Much like my 2013 series, Chambers, once all four issues have debuted digitally, they will be collected in a print trade paperback edition that you can hold and cherish forever.

The publisher has been patient with us and is still very encouraging with the title. They’re excited and I have to admit, I’m really excited too.

It’s gonna be a good year.


The Undoubtables Update #10

I’m not gonna lie…making comics is hard work.

My eyes may feel like they’ve gone permanently crossed, but I successfully lettered the second issue of my upcoming action/heist comic book THE UNDOUBTABLES, bringing the second issue to completion!

22 pages went off to the publisher last night and I gave myself a big pat on the back. I’d pat the rest of the creative team on the back, but they’re in Sweden and Indonesia, so unless someone wants to help me with plane fare, a nice email and an electronic high five will have to do the job.

I couldn’t be more proud of this issue as it’s jam packed with action, adventure, fun characters and a whole bunch of humor. It’s a meaty read and I’m ecstatic to get it out to potential readers. Of course, I might be biased.

Yeah, I’m totally biased.

Series artist Emre Ozdamarlar completed work on the four-issue series earlier in the year and it’s been down to myself and colorist Kefas Armando to bring the remaining pages to life. At this stage, we’re nearly halfway complete with the third issue! While lettering can be a mundane task at times, I get to spend hours staring at Emre and Kefas’ gorgeous work and I’m lucky to have collaborated with such talented folks.

We have a publisher locked in and are excited to announce who will be bringing the book to your eyeballs. Expect the comic to be available digitally in the first quarter of 2014 with a physical trade paperback to follow!

I’ve been stingy on showing an preview art because we have one of those NDA things in place, but it will all be worth the wait, Scout’s honor.


The Undoubtables Update #9

I’ll be honest, I kind of got sucked up in all of this Kickstarter stuff and forgot for a minute that I have other projects in the works that also have been making moves in the background.

It shocked me when I realized that I hadn’t mentioned my action/heist comic, THE UNDOUBTABLES in a while, so I wanted to correct the oversight because I have some really awesome news.

This books has been in production for a while, but we’re closing the gap toward completion. Series artist Emre Ozdamarlar penciled and inked his way through 88 amazing pages all while going to school simultaneously. That’s what you called dedication, folks. After he submitted all of the finished pages, I started sending them off to colorist Kefas Armando.

I recently found myself in possession of 22 colored pages and there was nothing left to do but letter those things! With that, I’m happy to report that we have completed the first 22-page issue of The Undoubtables. While we still have three more issues to go, it’s great to see this inch toward completion as we’re excited to have it in your hands as soon as possible.

The Undoubtables Update #8

My upcoming heist graphic novel, THE UNDOUBTABLES, continues to make headway!

Since series artist Emre Ozdamarlar completed inking the series earlier in the month, pages are now entering the coloring pipeline. I had such a blast working with colorist Kefas Armando on my book Chambers, that we decided to recruit him for this project!

To-date, Kefas has completed the first 11 pages of the 88-page graphic novel and the lettering process will also begin shortly. This book has picked up a lot of steam in a short amount of time and we’re all anxious to see it through to completion.

No art this update, as I’m sworn to secrecy on the project, but hopefully we’ll be able to share some more news soon!

As a side note, Emre has a short comic, My Brother Haik, up for voting at Comix4Equality and needs your help to win a competition!

Click here to give it a read and be sure to scroll down to Like it and cast your vote!