Innovation Update #9

Let’s play that game where I attempt to guess the question on your mind and then I answer it (If you’ve ever read this blog, then you probably know that I’m a big fan of this game).

Ready? Okay, here goes…you’re thinking…

“Hey, Wes — back in November, you released this killer first issue of a comic called INNOVATION where you worked with four great artists on four awesome sci-fi short stories…what happened with that?”

Now, be honest with me…was I close?

While I had planned to launch the second issue at the beginning of January, I couldn’t rush people who were helping me build something out of the goodness of their hearts, besides, we just had the holidays, which are somehow the most joyful, and simultaneously stressful weeks of the entire year.

That fabled second of Innovation is super duper close to being complete. I’ve received finished art for three stories by artists Paul McCallan, Adrian “Crisuadi” Crasmaru and Stan Chou (who is back for round two). These stories will continue building on what we established on the first go-round and will dazzle you with their beauty. There are several more shorts in progress and as soon as one of them is complete, the second issue will go live (for FREE, as always) over at

In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek, courtesy of Stan Chou, from his next story, COMPLICATION. If you read our first issue, you may even recognize a person or two.

Stay tuned, we’re so close!


2013 in Review

I had spent the majority of 2011 and 2012 making plans. Setting goals. Crying and rocking back and forth in the shower. And this year, everything began to pay off.

In life, people always seem to come back to their childhood loves, and for me, that meant comic books. In my youth, my friends and I would dream of putting together our own comics and spend countless hours swapping issues in order to save some cash while still enjoying the many events of the Marvel and DC Universes. After my music career (if you could call mostly getting paid in beer a career) started to lose its luster, I knew that I needed somewhere new to focus my creative energies, and comics were it. I was finally going to write the comics I had always dreamed of. It would be a small success for myself and my childhood friends, whether they were aware it was happening or not.

I spent a lot of time at the keyboard writing and talking with potential artists and in 2012 wheels began to turn and ink began to hit paper. Finally, in 2013, all of those crazy ideas started becoming a reality.

You May Already be a Winner – This five-page short, graciously drawn by artist Jacob Warrenfeltz was released in The Gathering: Crime anthology by GrayHaven Comics in July. The anthology was originally slotted to run a five-page short of my character Denise who went on to star in Chambers (more on that later) but I had to pull the pages from production, but luckily editor Douglas Hahner allowed me to re-pitch a story to fill the void.

This book will always hold a special place in my heart because it was the first comic story that someone else paid to print (it’s the little victories). You can pick up a copy of the 32-page anthology here.

ChambersTradeCoverWebChambers – In September, my four-issue crime-fiction miniseries (is there a theme developing?) Chambers was released by Arcana Studio. The book was part of a digital-first initiative where the publisher would release each issue through the ComiXology platform and then ultimately collect them into a physical trade paperback. This comic has the honor of being the first book signed to Arcana by former VP of Publishing Erik Hendrix.

In a twist of fate, the original artist backed out of the project right as the contract was on the table and I had the daunting task of finding a suitable replacement. Luckily, I was working with collaborator extraordinaire Kristian Rossi on another project at the time. He was interested in taking up the reigns and submitted a test page which ended up coming out better than I ever could have imagined. Erik agreed that he’d be a good fit and contracts were signed and production began. Colors for the book were provided by Kefas Armando who gave a gritty realism to the pages.

For a first miniseries, I’m proud of how this book came out. Reviews have been positive and it will always be a fun shoot-em-up cop story that I enjoyed telling. A big thanks to Erik Hendrix for believing in the project, his wife Amanda Hendrix, for helping me edit and providing an honest and helpful voice of reason, and everyone at Arcana for promoting the project as the issues released. The physical trade will be published in March of 2014, but in the meantime, the digital collection is available on ComiXology here.

Timeless – Also in September, GrayHaven Comics hooked me up again by publishing a three-page short in the anthology The Gathering: Sci-Fi 2, a follow up to their most popular collection to date. For this time travel tale, I collaborated with artist Michael Nigro who brought amazing detail to each panel and drew many awesome historical locations. I wrote a lot of short comics over the last year but each one  presented it’s own set of difficulties, obstacles and learning opportunities. I appreciate the GrayHaven crew for all of their constant support in encouraging me to write really crazy things.

Michael has gone on to work on some really awesome wild west-inspired projects so be sure to surf over to his website to see all of the cool things that he has drawn in the past year. You can pick up the Sci-Fi 2 antho, featuring 38 pages of great stories here.

InnovationCover_smallInnovation – Back in July, I came up with this crazy idea to write an ongoing comic book series and utilize a myriad of artists to help tell the tale. Over the course of one weekend I wrote the first five scripts and began mapping out a world, characters, plot points and all sorts of other craziness. Little did I realize that artists would understand what I was doing, think it was cool and want to be part of it. Fast forward to October. I’m headed to the New York Comic Con with printed copies of the first issue of Innovation in tow. It all came together quickly and beautifully. In NYC, I even got some hang time in with one of the issue’s contributors.

In November, we took the project online as a free, albeit non-traditional webcomic and to date more than 100 pages have been written for the series with over a dozen artists signing up to help bring it to life and put their stamp on the universe. A huge thank you goes out to the original team of Ken Perry, Mike Hatfield, Damon Threet and Stan Chou who helped establish the look, feel and tone of the world and who have supplied many a great idea in the process. Reception for the book has been warm with some great reviews, but there’s so much more coming and I’ve only scratched the surface. For anyone who’s reading it and is just completely confused…that’s okay. That feeling is normal. Answers will come soon. Read the first four chapters for free at

Compromised – Also in November, GrayHaven Comics continued to treat me kindly with the release of The Gathering: Spies anthology. For this three-page short I teamed up with Tomasz Witas for a dark and gritty tale of an elderly spy confronting his greatest nemesis one more time.

I want to extend an especially large thank you to Tomasz, because after having eight different artists work on the story, he’s the person who came on board and fully brought it to life. I recently got my hands on a copy of the book and I was proud to see that we were the last story featured. It’s always nice to influence how someone feels when they end a book! Grab the 36-page anthology right here.

That was it!

That was my 2013 in comics. Not bad by any stretch of the imagination and it was nice to see some projects that I’d been living with for over a year finally see the light of day and be able to share them with readers.

If you’re a numbers person (I am not), here’s how it all shook out:

Pages published in 2011: (A big, fat whopping) zero.
Pages published in 2012: 3
Pages published in 2013: 119

Now, I’m no mathematician, but this year showed at least a 9,000% increase in published work.

You may be asking yourself, after reading that extremely long block of text that came prior to this line, “What’s next, Wes?”

Awesome things.

January 2014:

Hoodwinked – GrayHaven Comics will release a four-page short that I penned for The Gathering: Public Domain anthology. The story features art by Chambers-alum, Kristian Rossi and it was great to work with such a talented fellow for the third time. The anthology is slated for January and once it’s released, I hope you’ll pick it up to see how I handle a classic public domain character that everyone will recognize.

Early 2014:

Unit 44 – I also plan to release the first issue of my sci-fi/comedy comic Unit 44 that I successfully funded via Kickstarter in September. Art for book is being completed by Eduardo Jimenez, who has been an absolute joy and pleasure to work with. Because this book doesn’t have a publisher attached, I’m quite excited about the prospect of self-publishing it myself to see what will happen.

The Undoubtables – While my adventure/heist book with Emre Ozdamarlar is still in production, it comes closer to completion with each passing day. This was the first book I ever signed a contract with a publisher for and I’m ecstatic with how this book is shaping up and excited to reveal the publisher who will be bringing it to you. It’s a fun story with some great characters and I anticipate readers being able to pick it up digitally within the first quarter of the year. Colors were handled by Chambers-alum Kefas Armando and it’s a good looking book full of adventurous and explosive fun.

April 2014:

In the Drink – Come April, GrayHaven will drop another short of mine in The Gathering: Survival anthology. This collection will feature a three-page story that I wrote with art by the fun-loving Robyn Seale. I’m really excited about this one because there are no words in the entire story. I didn’t need them because Robyn did an absolutely amazing job at telling the reader everything they needed to know with her art.

TBA 2014:

Innovation – With more than a dozen artists signed on to help keep the sci-fi story going, I expect to be dropping 20 pages worth of story every few months. The second issue should go online in December 2013 or first thing in January, as well as numerous other times throughout the year. Stay tuned as our first arc continues!

The Temporal – This was the first project that brought me together with Kristian Rossi, and hilariously enough, the last of our collaborations to be released. This 32-page one-shot is a story about a young scientist who discovers the secrets of time travel and all of the crazy stuff that happens in such a scenario. This story has been folded into the world of Innovation and will set the stage for some interesting things across both titles. Stay tuned for some fun news on this one!

New Life – We got a great start on this miniseries, managing to complete the first issue in 2013, but since artist Logan Miller and I are both students, time is not always on our side. I’m hoping that we’ll be able to complete the final three issues in the new year and serve them up to you, piping hot at some point. Stay tuned for more news as it develops!

Did you really read this far? Holy crap…I feel like you deserve a prize.

I hope you have a safe and happy holiday and a prosperous 2014!

Innovation: Issue 1 complete

Through the month of November, I aimed to take you on a wild ride through technology, mystery and suspense.

Did you come along for that ride? If not, you can now catch up on the first four chapters of my free webcomic, INNOVATION, by clicking over to (may as well bookmark it while you’re there).

Together, artists Ken Perry, Mike Hatfield, Damon Threet and Stan Chou released 20 free pages of comic book goodness over the month of November as we set the foundation for a growing shared universe. The four stories will continue on in some form or fashion answering some questions while bringing even more to light. If you like a little bit of mystery and thinking in your comics, I think you’ll love Innovation.

Give it a look and let me know what you think!

Chapters 5-14 are currently in production, some by returning artists, others by new contributors and once we have a few in the can, we’ll begin again with our second “issue.”

Help us spread the word of this new free project. The contributing artists are phenomenally talented. It’s a privilege to collaborate with them, and I’d like to get as many eyes on their work as possible.

Click the images below to read the corresponding chapters, or just click right here to start at the beginning!

Innovation Begins!

Today marked the launch of my new comic project/experiment called INNOVATION.

Direct your browsers over to to read the first four pages of the first issue. We’ll be bringing readers a new short story every week in the month of November.

The first installment, “Curiosity,” was drawn by Ken Perry with even more all-star artists to follow.

Unlike my other projects, Innovation is completely FREE TO READ. Give it a read, pass it on and be sure to share your thoughts! I’m excited to hear your thoughts!

Issues 2 and 3 are currently being drawn, but I’m always looking for artists to come on board. If you might be interested in drawing a 4-6 page black and white story to keep Innovation going, click here to see how you can get involved.


Innovation Update #8

In less than two weeks, I’ll be launching my newest project, INNOVATION online for free. Yes, you read correctly… FREE!

I debuted the first issue at the New York Comic Con and got some great feedback which made me even more excited about the project. The first issue includes four short stories by four different artists that stand alone, but also work together to create a bigger world. I’ll be posting a new story each week in November. Issue #2 and #3 are being created in the background and I hope to be able to maintain some type of regular schedule with the project. We’ll see what happens.

Mark your calendars for Monday, November 4, when you’ll be able to read the first short, “CURIOSITY,” written by me and drawn by the ever-talented Ken Perry. If you dig it, all I ask you to do is send it to a friend. After all, it will be free! The free weekly installments will be posted at the website
There’s not much there yet, but soon!

I got a little bit of flack from a pal because the cover of the first issue (see below) doesn’t have any traditional art on it. This project is kind of weird and slightly strange, so I wanted people to see the cover and want to open it up, simply to see what’s inside. I hope you’re intrigued as well!