NOTICE – As of 2022, I am currently closed to new lettering projects. Thank you for considering me, and I wish you all the best with your project!

In addition to writing comic book for various publishers, I regularly help other creators get their own books to the finish line by offering professional lettering services. Over the years I’ve lettered comic books published by Alterna Comics, ComixTribe, Titan Comics, Markosia Enterprises, Arcana Studios, and myriad independently-published projects.

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My lettering work appears in the following comics:


Bug Slugger: Cricket Army (miniseries, Primary Target Press)
Wirehead (Graphic Novel)
It’s Still Out There (short comic, Alterna Comics)
Midnight Mystery: Widowing Wail (Limited series)
Ancient Beasts (Limited series)


Red Koi: Shattered Legacy (Miniseries, Alterna Comics)
Improvisation (Short comic, Alterna Comics)
The XII: A Walk with Death (Miniseries, Alterna Comics)
Tinseltown: Losing the Light (Miniseries, Alterna Comics)
Heroes Against Hate (NYC Department of Youth & Community Development project)
Sam’s Scams (Limited series)
Adrift (Limited series)
Space Sucks (Short comic, Antarctic Press)
Legends of Log (Limited Series, Alterna Comics)
Tinseltown: Pin Boy (Short comic, Alterna Comics)
SpaceCooler (Limited series)
The Swan King (One-shot, Alterna Comics)


Gods and Gears (Limited series, Alterna Comics)
Midnight Mystery: City of Ghosts (Limited series, Alterna Comics)
Gods and Gears: This Map of Mishap (Short comic, Alterna Comics)
Kayless (Limited series, Silverline Comics)
Respect Your Elders (Short comic, Self-published)
Motherhood (Short comic, Self-published)
Cyko KO, Volume 2 (Limited series, Alterna Comics)
Spectress and Sabanion (Limited series)
SoulBound (Limited series, Self-published)
Two Worlds (Limited series, Self-published)
Never By Night (Short comic, Antarctic Press)
Toadstools (Short comic, TBA)
Titanium Star (Limited series, TBA)
Red Koi (Miniseries, Alterna Comics)
The Actual Roger (Miniseries, Alterna Comics)
Unit 44 (Limited series, Alterna Comics)


Hellgorythm: Sabot Shark (Short comic, Alterna Comics)
Hellgorythm: Sid Roiland (Short comic, Alterna Comics)
Midnight Mystery (Limited series, Alterna Comics)
Feast or Famine (Limited series, Alterna Comics)
Chewed Up (Short comic, Ghost City Comics)
Eldorado (Short comic, Dren Productions)


White Devil (Webcomic, self-published)
The Village (One-shot, GrayHaven Comics)
The Unbreathing (Short comic, Inverse Press)
The Chasedown (Short comic, Alterna Comics)
Scissor Sisters: Swan Song (One-shot, Inverse Press)
Shell Gaming Dominion (One-shot, Front Range Comics)
Murder on the Orient Station (Short comic, Alterna Comics)
Flux (One-shot, self-published)
Edison (Limited series, Primary Target Press)
Bucky O’Hare: Oneness (Short comic, self-published)
Cleburne (One-shot, GrayHaven Comics)


Oxymoron: The Loveliest Nightmare (Limited series, ComixTribe)
Symptoms (Short comic, Alterna Comics)
Hamster Man (Short comic, Alterna Comics)
Proud (Short comic, Alterna Comics)
The High Hills of Nemea (Short comic, Alterna Comics)
Maintenance (One-shot, Primary Target Press)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Blood in the Water (Short comic, self-published)
Battletoads: Turbo Tunnel Trouble (Short comic, self-published)
Pearl Harbor and the Day of Infamy (One-shot, Monroe Publications)
Terror (One-shot, Alterna Comics)
Separated By War (Short comic, Monroe Publications)
Scissor Sisters (Limited series, Inverse Press)
Arcadia (One-shot, GrayHaven Comics)


The Temporal (One-shot, Primary Target Press)
Hipsters Vs. Rednecks (One-shot, Primary Target Press)
Adrift (Short comic, Titan Comics)
The Fraternity (Limited series, Titanium Comics)
The Courier (Short comic, self-published)
Smell A Rat (One-shot, self-published)
Monster Day (Short comic, GrayHaven Comics)
The Red Bloods (Limited series, Straight8)
Big Phat Abe Lincoln (One-shot, self-published)
Native Lands (Limited series, self-published)
Devilociraptor (Short comic, GrayHaven Comics)
Man of Sin (Limited series, Markosia Enterprises)
In Absentia (One-shot, self-published)
Northern Exposure (Short comic, GrayHaven Comics)
Stomping Lessons (Short comic, GrayHaven Comics)
DreaMania (short comic, self-published)
Oxymoron: At Bat (Short comic, ComixTribe)
KID CLICK and NYANOSAUR vs. MECHA-MARU (Short comic, GrayHaven Comics)
Captain Moxley And the Ashes of the Gods (Single issue)
The Black Hand (Limited series, Inverse Press)
Antithesis (Limited series, Inverse Press)


The Undoubtables (Limited series, Markosia Enterprises)
Wraith (Short comic, GrayHaven Comics)
Someone For Everyone (Short comic, GrayHaven Comics)
Paranormal Love (Short comic, GrayHaven Comics)
Gift of the Horseman (Short comic, GrayHaven Comics)
Hoodwinked (Short comic, GrayHaven Comics)
REMWorld (Short comic, GrayHaven Comics)
The Arcane (Limited series, Titanium Comics)
The Dirt That Follows (Short comic, GrayHaven Comics)


Innovation (Webcomic, self-published)
Timeless (Short comic, GrayHaven Comics)
Chambers (Limited series, Arcana Studios)
You May Already Be A Winner (Short comic, GrayHaven Comics)

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