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Art: Logan Miller
In an overpopulated city, a loner wins a lottery drawing that allows him to bring a loved one back from the grave. Before he can have his recently deceased wife reinstated, he’ll have 48 hours to kill someone else to take her place.
Four issue miniseries to be published TBA by 215 Ink!
Current Progress – Pages Written: 88/88 | Art: 66/88 | Colors: 45/88 | Letters: 44/88

Giovanni Capurro | Colors: Andrew Pate
One part James Bond, one part MacGyver, inventor Thomas Alva Edison uses his ingenuity and creativity to combat the scientific threats of the late 1880s.
Current Progress – Pages Written: 48/48 | Art: 24/48  | Colors: 24/48 | Letters: 24/48

Jayson Kretzer | Colors: Andrew Pate
During the zombie apocalypse everyone needs to make a living, whether it be farmer, chef, builder…or rock star.
Current Progress – Pages Written: 24/24 | Art: 7/24  | Colors: 7/24 | Letters: 0/24

Art: Graeham Jarvis
After a decade of monotony, a group of astronauts finally arrive at the Formax-C black hole. Tasked with launching a research satellite inside, the mission quickly goes awry.
Current Progress – Pages Written: 66/96 | Art: 44/96  | Colors: 44/96 | Letters: 22/96

Art: Seeking artist
A rogue-for-hire is on a secret mission to blow up The Aeronautik, the world’s first zeppelin, but when he’s made by a relentless lawman, he must enlist the help of a mysterious woman in order to complete his mission.

Art: TBA
A group of vigilantes share an apartment in a crime-ridden city. When one quits the team and moves out, the remaining members of the Fascinating Five must scramble to find a new heroic roomie.

Wes thought it would be a great idea to write a novel, even though there’s 10,000 other things he should probably be doing.
Current progress: