Free game!

Sometimes when I’m not writing video games for other people, I take some time out to write something that allows me to exercise ideas that might be on my mind, or game elements that may not be present in current projects.

Last year, I created a short piece of interactive fiction called The Freelancer’s Survival Guide.

It was based on my own experiences from my first year of freelance writing, therefore, it’s pretty ridiculous. Click the link below to play through the narrative that reacts to the choices you make along the way (sort of like those awesome Choose Your Own Adventure Books that were popular when I was in grade school).

The game uses persistent variables to track your choices, ultimately offering you a good or bad ending. It takes about 10 minutes to play.

While it was originally written in the interactive software Inkle, I’ve since converted it to the Twine Harlowe format. I hope you’ll check it out. It’s FREE!

Click here to check out The Freelancer’s Survival Guide.

Future: Uncertain update #1


I teased this project during my 2015 Year in Preview post, and I finally have some news to share!

My interactive narrative, Future: Uncertain, has been published by Pocket Gems Games.

In November 2014 I was hired by San Francisco game makers Pocket Gems to develop, create and write a serialized story for their Episode app. The platform “presents players with dozens of animated stories where their choices matter.” (Their words.)

Launched a year ago, the app (which is a free download on iOS and Android devices) serves as the new generation of Choose-Your-Own-Adventure stories where players can find a tale that suits their genre tastes, step inside its ever-evolving world and begin making choices as the protagonist. Users have already played more than 10 million chapters on the app and the demand for new stories reached a boiling point last year.

My fantasy/sci-fi/comedy/drama tale takes place on Dina’s 21st birthday, when everyone in the city receives a text message from their future selves…everyone except her.

To learn more about the platform, or to get the free app, head over to the Pocket Gems website or find it on the App Store/Google Play marketplace. Once you’ve downloaded Episode, you can click this link on your mobile device to go right to Future: Uncertain:

If you give it a look, I hope you have fun in the silly world I’ve created. The first three episodes are available to play with 10 more installments set to serialize over the coming weeks.

There are tons of stories available from many talented writers for all tastes. Let me assure you, Episode is the perfect way to kill a few minutes in the bathroom. Though, don’t be surprised if you stay in there longer than you intended!