“Compromised” now in print!

Back in June of this year, I had the pleasure of working with artist Tomasz Witas on a 3-page short comic called COMPROMISED.

Good news — it has finally been released!

Swing on over to the GrayHaven Comics website and pick up The Gathering: Spies anthology for our story and 33 additional pages of amazing work from up-and-coming creators. Just $3.50 gets you a ton of fun!

While you’re there, consider grabbing copies of their Crime and Sci-Fi 2 anthologies which also contain short stories written by yours truly.

Here’s a reminder of what Tomasz brought to this wild and crazy short comic:

Comp_Snip3 Comp_Snip3

I promise that you’re in for a definite treat. Thanks for supporting me, Tomasz and the wonderful staff over at GrayHaven Comics.

Compromised Update #4

Yesterday was a day that I never thought would come to pass.

After six different artists, tons of frustration and equal amounts of determination and patience, my 3-page short comic COMPROMISED reached completion.

I have to extend a huge “thank you” and mass amounts of gratitude to artist Tomasz Witas who stepped in on a project that I was sure would die a grisly death and drew the heck out of it and pretty much saved my skin and allowed me to meet the deadline.

As a comic writer, you feel blessed when you team up with an artist who is absolutely amazing and I’ve had some pretty good luck in this arena to date. When Tomasz first answered my call for artistic salvation on a message board asking for details of my project, I took one look at his art and figured that he’d never spend his talents on a schmuck like me. His portfolio was full of people. The art was dark and moody and everything that I wanted out of my story which featured two people having a very dangerous (and moody) conversation.

Fearing rejection, I tossed the script his way and went back to looking at the art of other folks who had submitted. After all, the deadline for this comic was looming and I had found myself starting from scratch every few weeks as artists continuously disappeared. The rest of the art received was rather sub-par (with the exception of Robyn Seale, who answered the call on Twitter and we later teamed up on a short called In The Drink — more on that later) and if Tomasz said no to the project, I was ready to kill the story of my own accord.

It wasn’t long after that Tomasz sent a quick response letting me know he’d get started right away. I looked around for someone to high five, but my wife was out at the time, and my cats rejected the enthusiastic motion. I was left hanging on the high five, but inside, I was thrilled.

That was a few months ago, and now here we are. Finished art has appeared in my inbox and I couldn’t be more excited with the results. This story is dark, it’s moody and it’s everything I hoped it would be.

This comic is slated to be released in November in GrayHaven Comics’ I, Spy Anthology. More details as they come in!

Here’s the final peek at some of Tomasz’s work. Chew on that while we count down to release.


Compromised Update #3

We’re rapidly approaching the completion of my upcoming short spy comic, COMPROMISED!

If you’ve spent any time on artist Tomasz Witas’ website, you know that this amazingly talented artist can draw detailed, unique and breathtaking portraits , making him perfect for the conversation-based tale I drafted up.

After many starts and stops with this three-pager, I’m happy to say that it’s the best-looking version to date and I’m extremely happy that everything worked out the way that they did. I think this will be a pleasant addition to the I, Spy Anthology from GrayHaven Comics which is due out later this year.

Here’s another sneak peek at some of Tomasz’s amazing artwork!


Compromised Update #2

I’ve been on a roll this week with five big updates in the last five days. Must be cold everywhere and folks are all staying inside and making some comics!

I wanted to take a minute and give an update on a short story that’s been in the works for… well… for a very long time.

Now, I’m not the superstitious type, but I was starting to think that my 3-page short, COMPROMISED, was cursed. Every time I would nail down an artist for the story, they’d commit to the script and do a little bit of art and then completely disappear off the face of the planet. I don’t know if they’d gotten hurt, lost interest, didn’t like the story, or fallen into a sarlacc pit, but I’d never hear from some of them again.

Lots of my comics pals have been through this same struggle but it was the first time it happened to me and I was finally able to commiserate with their frustration. This story is now on its sixth artist (can you believe that?) and it looks like we finally have a winner!

I’ve seen the first page drawn about five different times, but the artist who finally signed on (and followed through) is the wonderful Tomasz Witas, from Poland.

I’d put out a call, needing an artist for a quick turnaround and when I saw his samples I kept my fingers crossed that he’d like the script enough to take the challenge.

And take it he did! The first page of art took my breath away and I’m happy that he’s the one who will ultimately be giving this story life. Take a look at his website and enjoy his art style. He’s remarkably good at what he does and hopefully this can be the first of many collaborations.

This 3-page story will be published by GrayHaven Comics in their Spy Anthology due out in November of 2013.

It appears that the curse has been broken!

Enjoy a sneak peek!




Compromised Update #1

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, in addition to the two mini-series I have coming out in 2013, I also wanted to take a moment to spotlight some of the artists that I’m working with on my short stories.

The fine folks over at GrayHaven Comics release a monthly black and white anthology called THE GATHERING which are full of fresh talent and great short stories. I recently had a pitch for a three page story accepted for their Spy anthology which will be released in 2013. I know that it seems like a long way away, but as I’m learning, comics is a whole bunch of “hurry up and wait.” Good thing that the rewards are priceless!

I wanted to highlight artist Joe Catapano, who will be illustrating my three-page story for the I, Spy anthology. The piece is entitled COMPROMISED, and features a former spy who, long after retirement, comes face to face with his nemesis one last time.

Joe is also from Orlando, Florida, so this will be my second chance to work with a local artist. I’m looking forward to being able to celebrate this release with him!

For now, enjoy some preview art from Joe!