Hey, you. Yes, you.

Greetings friends!

If you’re seeing this message it’s because you’ve either elected to receive emails when I publish new content on my website, or the content shows up in your reader.

However—the joke’s on you! I haven’t updated my blog in YEARS. In fact, I even removed it entirely from my website. Simply put, blogs have fallen out of fashion. Most of my posts go directly to social media while my website serves as more of a portfolio and as a way for people to purchase my works.

The reason for this message is simple: I’lll soon be launching a newsletter and I’d love for you to sign up so you can stay updated with all my comic book, prose, and video game projects (and there are a LOT of them coming).

It’s simple, all you have to do is click the link below, enter your email address, and subscribe.


What can you expect in this new newsletter?

Updates on my current and past projects… free writing advice… bad jokes… everything you have come to expect from me as a human. It’ll be great, I promise.

One other thing — if when you go to sign up it says that you’re already on the list, that’s because you are! Some of you were gracious enough to supply email addresses when you came aboard and I have already ported those over to the new system. I’m just that nice.

That’s it! Short and sweet!

You’ll be hearing from me soon. It’s gonna be great.

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