Bug Slugger #2 – Out Today!

Despite the news leading me to believe that the entire world is on fire, I’ve found a ray of sunshine. The second issue my action/comedy comic book BUG SLUGGER—co-created with one of my favorite humans, Loch Ness—has arrived on digital shelves, and is available both on ComiXology and in PDF format.

If you missed the first issue, fear not! Below you’ll find a FREE 7-page preview. If you dig it, hop on board with Bug Slugger’s zany first volume: Cricket Army.

Free preview: https://bit.ly/bs1preview 

So what’s BUG SLUGGER about?

A hero armed with a powerful and mysterious slap bracelet must defend his city against a siege of human-sized crickets led by an ill-tempered narwhal!

This time, in chapter 2…

Having struck a tentative alliance to rid the city of crickets, Kameron and Koshiko’s investigation into the insect invasion leads them to a super-secret bug fight club. There, the Bug Slugger finds himself drafted into the competition while Koshiko uncovers Hellen’s heinous intentions.

Secret origins are revealed as the plot thickens into a consistency similar to that of Nutella! Peppered with crotch hits, bathroom brawls, and mind-blowing reveals, this issue has something for everyone!

This comedy comic book is my love letter to 90’s culture, the Power Rangers, and over-the-top action films. If you dig the preview and would like to support myself and artist Loch Ness, you can pick up the full issue for just $1.99 on the following platforms.

ComiXology: https://bit.ly/37473Qy

PDF: https://gumroad.com/l/SkQek

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