Maintenance arrives on ComiXology!

I had a birthday Monday. It was awesome. But the real icing on my birthday cake came today when MAINTENANCE, a one-shot comic I co-created with artist Stan Chou hit ComiXology.

Maintenance_AA_CoverSeriously… you can get 24 pages of robotic awesomeness for just $0.99.

Get it right here.

You don’t want miss a robot, newly endowed with human emotions takes a deadly romp through the bowels of a technology company.

Inspired by a little bit of Blade Runner, a little bit of Black Mirror and a lot of M.C. Escher, Stan and I put this together a couple years ago, originally serialized via my webcomic project, Innovation. We’re now unleashing it on a whole new audience by collecting it into a single book!

I’m also printing these up for some conventions, so keep an eye on the web store if you’d rather hold it in your non-robotic hands.

Big thanks to Stan for taking the journey with me on this one. He’s not only super talented, but one of the nicest people I know.


One thought on “Maintenance arrives on ComiXology!

  1. Howdy Wes,
    I just finished “Maintenance”. Loved it. I did not find an address for the publisher. Knowing it is not your responsibility but the publisher’s, still, they can hurt your work. Like civilians hurt that lived too close to the bad guys when they got bombed. Long story short, check out the last entry on last page of comixology version after the paragraphs about yourself and the artist Chou. The phrase “pouring over…” Unless they are talking about blackstrap molasses that ain’t the right usage for “poring”. Take care.
    Hawkenglisheye in Texas.

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