Unit 44 print issues coming soon!

For those of you who have messaged me about grabbing single issues of Unit 44 in print format, the wait is almost over!

A huge thanks to everyone who already picked up issue #1, issue #2 (or both, ideally) over the past year at various conventions, signings, etc. For those readers who many not be ready to embrace digital comics through ComiXology (along with other platforms) and prefer to do their reading in the physical form (aka in the bathroom) I’m excited to get the books into your hands soon enough!

The order went to the printer late last week and as soon as I receive shipping confirmation I will go into the Ye Olde Web Store and switch all the issues (plus the Unit 44 bundle where you can snag all 4 issues for one price) will go into pre-order mode!

Any copies I have left over from what I anticipate to be a Jingle all the Way-esque rush will be available at the Panama City CreativeCon (in Panama City, FL) on Saturday, Aug. 1!

Oh, by the way… tickets are now on sale for that shindig, so if you’re planning to go, get ’em while you can! Come say hi and meet some talented creative minds from around Northwest Florida.

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