Unit 44 #2: Review Roundup

Since the release of Unit 44 #2 on ComiXology, Kindle, Nook and ComicsFix, we’ve been treated to some wonderful review of the the silly sci-fi so far.

Below are a sampling of the kind words reviewers have shared. Haven’t read it yet? Grab the issue on ComiXology for just $1.99!

“This is a fun book and I have no problem giving this to my kids to check out.” – The Gravy Age

“Locher maintains the slapstick-style comedy of buddy agents Gibson and Hatch, which easily keeps the pace of the comic moving and this reader chuckling incessantly.” – FanboyComics.net

“There’s a real story being told and it’s a good one. It had me in stitches by the third page.” – Small Press Comics Review

“Unit 44 remains an out of this world story that offers up a lot of laughs.” – ScreenGonzo.com

“Unit 44 #2 manages to take the joke-a-minute style of the first issue and streamline it into an engaging story.” – CC2KOnline.com

Click the links provided to read the full reviews! If you’ve read our second issue, be sure to share your thoughts with myself and Ed! We’d love to hear what you think.

Issue #3 of Unit 44 hits ComiXology on Wednesday, May 27!

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