Unit 44 #2 arrives on ComiXology today!

The second issue of the sci-fi comedy comic book Unit 44 is rocking digital shelves today on ComiXology!

Readers can check out the second issue of the four issue miniseries for just $1.99 by clicking here!

In this installment readers will find out where the contents of Unit 44 went, what the Freedahken Crystal is all about, and why everyone is totally terrified that it’s out in the open. Meanwhile, a new threat reveals itself. Action! Drama! Laughter! Loud noises! We have it all!

A huge thanks to our publisher Alterna Comics for supporting artist Eduardo Jimenez and I in this silly series. We hope you laugh until it hurts! (Though, if it doesn’t stop hurting after several hours, please see a doctor.)

Did you give it a read? Drop a comment and let us know what you thought!

(Of course, if you didn’t read issue #1 yet, you may want to start there. Grab that by clicking here!)




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