Hipsters vs. Rednecks Update #2

With the new year comes new progress on my upcoming silly one-shot comic book HIPSTERS VERSUS REDNECKS, co-created with the wonderful Tyler Kelting.

This 24-page one-shot comic explores what happens when a survivor of the apocalypse finds herself in the middle of an epic battle between the hipster and redneck factions as they battle for control of New Brooklyn, the last known city.

It’s gonna be silly and it’s gonna be out there. I hope you’re ready. We may see the book as early as spring, but you know how comics are! As soon as you can get your hands on it, I’ll let you know how!

While Tyler and I work diligently behind the scenes, here’s a peek at the cover art. Tell me you don’t want to read this comic. I dare you. Even I want to read it and I wrote the thing!


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