Unit 44 Update #12

U44_Issue3_CoverBack in August I reported that my sci-fi/comedy comic book UNIT 44, with artist Eduardo Jimenez had been picked up for publication by Alterna Comics. It was an awesome day. I remember it well.

Since then, Ed and I have been hunkered down makings things happen in order to get the book to your eyes sooner rather than later. Ed has been drawing his heart out, penciling, inking and coloring 2-3 pages a week and tossing them back my way so I can letter them up with my snarky dialogue and silly jokes. In short…it’s been awesome.

Thanks to the financial and emotional support of the 94 amazing people who supported our Kickstarter campaign in August/September, we are officially closer to the end of the project than the beginning. Earlier this week we completed work on the third issue of the series and we’ve started work on the final 22 pages.

With just one more installment to go to complete this 4-issue miniseries, we’re eyeballing an early 2015 release, more than likely on a bi-monthly schedule. Issues will be released digitally via ComiXology with a physical and digital trade paperback to follow. More on that as we nail things down!

When I initially thought up the silly idea about inept Area 51 employees who forget to pay the rent on the facility’s off-site storage unit, leaving the secret contents to be sold at public auction, I never dreamed it would become a reality. So that’s pretty cool. I can’t wait for you to read this hilarious and irreverent comic book.

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