Unit 44 – Coming this fall from Alterna Comics

Well, folks…we did it.

With the support of 94 amazing people, artist Eduardo Jimenez and I raised $2,800 via the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform to bring our sci-fi/comedy comic UNIT 44 to digital shelves this year from Alterna Comics.

In a campaign designed to provide strictly digital rewards, which helped us keep our asking amount very, very low, comic and humor fans still supported us in the endeavor and personally, I can thank everyone enough.

Art for issue #2 is complete and design on the interiors and back matter has begun. We hope to soon share a release date of when you’ll be able to pick up the book through ComiXology and other fine retailers. We’ll also be releasing a physical trade paperback in early 2015, so if you’re waiting until you can hold the book in your hands, it won’t be too long a wait!

I shared this with our Kickstarter backers, but it bears repeating…I wrote the story and script for UNIT 44 in November/December 2012, and nearly every day I have been thinking about the characters and their zany world. Words can’t describe what it means to finally be able to bring it to life in 2014.


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