4 More Days to get UNIT 44 out this year!

For the past 30 days, I’ve been dumping heart and soul into promoting the Kickstarter campaign for my upcoming sci-fi/comedy comic book series UNIT 44 that artist Eduardo Jimenez and I will (hopefully) release this fall from Alterna Comics.

Well, we’re almost at the end of our run with just 4 days left and approximately $560 left to raise. If you haven’t given it a look, I encourage you to do so by clicking the link below.

UNIT 44 on Kickstarter!


Even though we completed the first issue of our series last year, we’re on course to publish all four issues by the end of 2014. The money raised from the campaign will allow Ed to set aside commission work and several other projects to focus solely on completing the remaining issues of the series.

Since the comic will be released through the ComiXology platform as a digital-first initiative, we aren’t offering printed copies, but we hope you’ll help us do the most important thing, which is to finish the comic book. (We will release a physical collected edition in 2015, though!)

We have some amazing rewards from a digital copy of the first issue for $3, to a digital subscription to all of the issues for $15. You can even pay $35 and get digital downloads of every comic I’ve ever released to date or splurge a little bit and get yourself drawn into the comic for $100. There’s plenty of other good stuff, too!

Thanks to all of my readers who have already supported the project, and as the clock winds down, I hope you’ll consider donating a little bit of money to help Ed and I bring this project to life!

We get it…times are tough and spare change isn’t as plentiful as it once was. Even by sharing a link to our campaign on your social media sites, it would help us get the word out, and that is hugely appreciated.

Thanks so much for reading and considering our project!

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