Unit 44 to be published by Alterna Comics!

I want to share with you some amazing news that been happening behind the scenes since artist Eduardo Jimenez and I completed the first issue of the sci-fi/comedy comic book UNIT 44 earlier this year…after much discussion, we’ve signed a deal with publisher ALTERNA COMICS to release Unit 44 as a digital-first initiative this fall.



What does this mean?

It means that each issue of the series will be available via ComiXology and then be packaged in a 90-something page trade paperback for print in early 2015 that you’ll be able to pick up (or order) from your local comic shop.

Since Unit 44 has been a labor of love, we have to kick it into overdrive if we want to get the book out by our target time frame. While Alterna will help us market, promote and distribute the book, it’s up to Ed and me to finish the series. To do so, we’ve launched a new Kickstarter campaign to raise $2,400 that will allow Ed to focus solely on the Unit 44 for the next few months. This way, we can complete the series by October and get the comic to your eyeballs ASAP!

Check out our new campaign: http://kck.st/UcqcIr

We appreciate anything you can do to help us fund the project or even spread the word of the campaign. Remember, we brought in $2,700 for our first issue, so we’re hoping our new goal won’t be a huge roadblock. Did you miss getting drawn into the book last round? Guess what? We’re giving you another chance!


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