The Undoubtables on Kindle

Over the holiday weekend, I saw that my heist comic THE UNDOUBTABLES went live for Amazon Kindle device!

If you don’t have a Kindle, you can always download the free app for your tablet or smartphone, but it looks like this is the first way to grab your copy digitally. If you cruise over to the Amazon site you can send a free sample to your device and read the first six pages of the 96-page graphic novel for free!

Give it a look if this is your preferred method of reading. The price tag is a mere $3.99! The book is also available via the UK Kindle store.

I’ll also be posting a 7-page preview of the comic on this website in the coming days. Trust me–this is a sample that will have you craving more!

The print edition will begin shipping soon from publisher Markosia Enterprises. The trade will hit ComiXology on July 30 and the paperback will also be available via Amazon in the coming days!


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