New Life Update #13

Ready for some fun news? The second issue of my sci-fi comic NEW LIFE, co-created with artist Logan Miller is complete!

All 22 beautiful pages of our second installment are lettered and they look absolutely stunning (if I do say so myself). Logan is already producing pages for the third issue and he’s cranking everything up to eleven. This dystopian comic of ours…it gets crazy, and it gets crazy fast.

This 4-issue comic book miniseries was originally written in 2012 so going back over the scripts armed with the knowledge I have now has been a real joy. Issue 3 got a complete overhaul and came as a tightly-written, action packed romp and over the weekend I completed my final revision on the fourth issue script.

After reading back over the finale chapter, I’m stupidly excited about this book. I think Logan and I are bringing you something familiar but different. Just the way the entertainment industry loves it. It’s going to scratch an itch for a lot of sci-fi lovers and then subsequently punch them in the gut. That’s how we roll.

But don’t take my word for it… check out what we have in store for you:


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