“Hoodwinked” now in print!

I was on the receiving end of a pleasant surprise yesterday when I found out that a 4-page comic I wrote last year had finally been published!

PublicDomain_Cover-thumbIn April of 2013, hot off the completion of my crime-fiction comic book CHAMBERS, artist Kristian Rossi and I teamed up again for the short after I had a pitch accepted for an upcoming anthology from GrayHaven Comics. The theme for this particular collection was Public Domain, allowing writers and artists to tackle preexisting characters, the rights to which were openly available to anyone.

After doing some research on which characters would be available to me, I quickly narrowed my choices to two. Growing up, I was always fascinated by rogues — those charismatic characters who had their own ideals and agendas and marched to the beat of their own drums. At first, I considered doing a Zorro story, but after looking further into him, I found that there were some ongoing legal battles surrounding who actually owned the character. Not wanting to get involved in that mess, I ended up going with my plan B… the rogue known as Robin Hood.

After choosing my character, it was a matter of putting some type of spin on the story that I hadn’t seen before. I’m happy with direction I went and even more thrilled that Kristian liked it enough to put it on paper. We took an age-old story of robbing to the rich and giving it to the poor and slapped a fresh coat of paint over it by bringing the character to modern day New York City.

That idea turned into HOODWINKED.

Hood-snipIf you have any familiarity with the work Kristian and I have collaborated on prior to this, then you’re in for some fun Easter eggs as well.

You can get your hands on the book by clicking here or on the cover image above. You’ll be treated to 32 pages of B&W fun for just $3. I don’t even know what other characters are featured in the book, but based on the talent involved, I have no doubts that it’s going to be amazing. You’ll get a story from the DEADHORSE team of Eric Grissom and Phil Sloan and the volume was expertly edited by Glenn Matchett, who recently released two mystery comics, LIVING WITH DEATH and SPARKS, that I can’t recommend highly enough.

While on the GrayHaven site, consider picking up some of their other wonderful anthologies and ongoing titles. I also have stories featured in the Crime, Sci-Fi 2 and Spies volumes, should you need some recommendations.

A big thanks goes out to the GrayHaven team for their support of both independent comics and up-and-coming creators. I’m happy to report that they’ll publish another short of mine later this year in their Survival-themed anthology as well as three other stories planned for 2015 collections.

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