Innovation Update #15

Sometimes you have to take a step back to see what works and what doesn’t. When I dove into my sci-fi webcomic INNOVATION (which you can read for absolutely free by clicking here), I didn’t know if we’d ever get more than five pages completed, and here we are, six months later boasting two issues and 41 total pages with 21 more en route to your eyes soon.

To date, the eight available shorts fit together to tell the story of what happens when the mysterious R.D.S.L. Corporation decides to push the boundaries of technology into questionable areas. While I was making the rounds last year, handing out copies of the first issue at the New York Comic Con, there was one question that came up that made me think a bit.

People asked me, “Why isn’t there any art on the cover?”

My first instinct was to run away and pout at the criticism, but as the question popped up again the short answer became, “Because I want people to be intrigued by the cover and want to open the book.”

As great as it sounded, I succumbed to the true marketing facts that a person likely isn’t going to take the time to reach down, pick up a comic and thumb through it, so just like in everything else, the first impression was crucial.

Thinking forward to some upcoming conventions where I’ll be sitting at a table and trying to sell my wares, it made me realize that the covers did need a little more somethin’ somethin’ to draw potential readers in, so I went back to the drawing board and decided to re-brand the series with a new look and new attitude.

Actually, the attitude didn’t really change, but you know what I mean.

You can check out the new Innovation covers below and I’ll soon reveal the cover and contributing artists for our third issue. Personally, if I saw these covers on a convention table, I’d snatch them up. Hopefully comic fans feel the same way. We’ll find out soon, I suppose!

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