Innovation Update #9

Let’s play that game where I attempt to guess the question on your mind and then I answer it (If you’ve ever read this blog, then you probably know that I’m a big fan of this game).

Ready? Okay, here goes…you’re thinking…

“Hey, Wes — back in November, you released this killer first issue of a comic called INNOVATION where you worked with four great artists on four awesome sci-fi short stories…what happened with that?”

Now, be honest with me…was I close?

While I had planned to launch the second issue at the beginning of January, I couldn’t rush people who were helping me build something out of the goodness of their hearts, besides, we just had the holidays, which are somehow the most joyful, and simultaneously stressful weeks of the entire year.

That fabled second of Innovation is super duper close to being complete. I’ve received finished art for three stories by artists Paul McCallan, Adrian “Crisuadi” Crasmaru and Stan Chou (who is back for round two). These stories will continue building on what we established on the first go-round and will dazzle you with their beauty. There are several more shorts in progress and as soon as one of them is complete, the second issue will go live (for FREE, as always) over at

In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek, courtesy of Stan Chou, from his next story, COMPLICATION. If you read our first issue, you may even recognize a person or two.

Stay tuned, we’re so close!


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