Unit 44 needs you!

With the first issue of UNIT 44 nearly in the can, I have a bit of wiggle room in the back of of the first issue. If any artists would be interested in doing a Unit 44-themed pin-up or any writers would be interested in pitching some back matter, please shoot me an email at weslocher at gmail dot com.

I have ideas on the art side if you need/want them, and for writers, I’d be looking for something funny that fits with the government agent/Area 51/self storage vibe we have going on. Get creative, but be able to fit your idea (whatever it may be) to one comic book page.

Artists – send a few samples of your work.
Writers – send a fleshed out idea and some samples of your other writing work.

The first issue will drop in February, so my deadline for accepting ideas is by Saturday, Jan. 11. Check out the first 5 pages of the comic here to get a feel for what we’re doing!

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