Chambers – Digital Collected Edition – Coming Tomorrow!

You may be excited for the holidays, but here’s some news that I hope will serve to skyrocket that enthusiasm…

The digital collected edition of my crime comic CHAMBERS will hit ComiXology tomorrow!


Okay, let me break it down… From September through November we launched four separate issues of Chambers digitally, but if you waited to pick up the book, tomorrow will be your chance to grab all four issues for one low price. You’ll also be treated to an as-of-yet unseen cover by series artist Kristian Rossi!

But, Wes… where’s the physical trade paperback that I can hold in my hands and read while I use the bathroom?

Don’t you worry, bathroom readers, that version will be along in March of 2014 and soon I’ll have a cool little code that you can take to your local comic shop, give to the guy or gal at the counter and say “Here… order me this!”

If you REALLY can’t wait until tomorrow for the digital collection to read the 88-page series, you can still grab each issue for just $1.99 on ComiXology.

Chambers is published by Arcana Studio.

While I have your attention, below you’ll find a pin-up of the comic’s main gal, Denise Chambers, drawn by one of my favorite collaborators, Daniel Pereira dos Santos. He and I have some fun stuff coming up, so keep an eye out!


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