Innovation: Issue 1 complete

Through the month of November, I aimed to take you on a wild ride through technology, mystery and suspense.

Did you come along for that ride? If not, you can now catch up on the first four chapters of my free webcomic, INNOVATION, by clicking over to (may as well bookmark it while you’re there).

Together, artists Ken Perry, Mike Hatfield, Damon Threet and Stan Chou released 20 free pages of comic book goodness over the month of November as we set the foundation for a growing shared universe. The four stories will continue on in some form or fashion answering some questions while bringing even more to light. If you like a little bit of mystery and thinking in your comics, I think you’ll love Innovation.

Give it a look and let me know what you think!

Chapters 5-14 are currently in production, some by returning artists, others by new contributors and once we have a few in the can, we’ll begin again with our second “issue.”

Help us spread the word of this new free project. The contributing artists are phenomenally talented. It’s a privilege to collaborate with them, and I’d like to get as many eyes on their work as possible.

Click the images below to read the corresponding chapters, or just click right here to start at the beginning!

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