Unit 44 teams up with Storage Wars Auctioneers

It’s been pretty strict radio silence on UNIT 44 ever since we successfully funded the first issue on Kickstarter back in September. This is mainly because I’ve been updating our backers on a regular basis, giving them exclusive looks at the process as we create the inaugural issue.

Today, I shared with the backers a big announcement about the project and it’s so crazy, I had to post it here as well.

As we were nearing the end of our second Kickstarter campaign for the book and news of our upcoming title was spreading like wildfire across comic sites, social media and self-storage focused communities, the campaign found it’s way in front of Dan and Laura Dotson, who you may know better as the auctioneers of the hit television show STORAGE WARS.

These folks, right here:

Dan wanted to know about he could go about getting his likeness into our comic, so we worked it out to where Dan will be man who sells Chester and Ike the fateful storage unit. How cool is that?

This did call for a few revisions on our part, but we’ve gotten Dan installed into page 2 of the comic and Ed is currently working on page 11. We’re nearly halfway complete with issue #1!

Check out Ed’s rendition of Dan and his wife, Laura, below and be sure to check out their website, American Auctioneers.


We appreciate Dan and Laura’s support and perhaps one day, a copy of Unit 44 will find its way into a locker that’s sold on the show. Crazier things have happened.

Have a great rest of your week, and hey — go watch some Storage Wars online (it’s FREE).

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